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Science: A Little Bit About Matter

Part 1: Different Types of Matter

There are three different types of Matter. They are:

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas

How much space do they take up and can they easily change shape?

Solid- They don’t take that much space because solid is made into 1 piece, so that means that it can’t easily change shape.

Liquid- They take up space because if liquid isn’t in a case or inside something, it can spread into a big space. They can change shape because liquid isn’t easy to stay in 1 place, so it changes shape to be stable into a place. For example if you put water in a small cup, it stays in a small area, but if you move it to a bigger cup, the area will be bigger so liquid can change size and shape.

Gas- Gas takes so much space. It takes more space than liquid. It takes so much space because air is gas, oxygen is gas. That means, gas is all around us. Also gas can change shape easily because gas goes everywhere and gas is around different places and gases can’t stay in the same place each second.


Part 2: Change of States: In this section- describe the 5 different changes in states (Melting, Boiling/Evaporation, Condensation, Freezing/Solidification and Sublimation). Quickly say how the change occurs and give a real world example. Include at least 2 pictures which are referenced using MLA format.

Melting- It changes from solid to liquid. In real word it’s the same thing as ice to water. For example melting can occur in real world by putting ice in a hot bowl.

Boiling/Evaporation- Boiling is turning cold water to hot water. Evaporation is Hot water changing into gas. In real world, you can put water into a pot and leave boil it, it will change into hot water. Then, if you leave that hot water in a warm place, it will evaporate.

Freezing/Solidification- Freezing is turning liquid to solid. Solidification is liquid to solid using cooling, drying or crystallization. Freezing can occur by putting water into the freezer and changing the water into ice.

Sublimation- Sublimation is solid to gas without turning into liquid. An example of sublimation is dry ice. Dry ice is an ice at first but the ice gets too cold and turn into gas.

Part 3:

In science class we did many experiments to learn about the 5 states. We used the bunsen burner in most of the experiments since we have a license. The first experiment we did on the bunsen burner was for heating, boiling and melting. First we cooled the water with ice. Then, we heated the ice water and then the ice melted. Finally, we continued heating than the water boiled.