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Inquirer at the MTB

On the second day, we broke into 2 groups. The groups were the members from the busses. My group did MTB(Mountain Biking) first and the other group did canoeing first. The MTB was my favorite activity at field studies. 

I was a inquirer while MTB by learning the gears and finding out the best gear when cycling up the mountain, a flat road, and cycling down the mountain. When cycling up the mountain, 1 is the best; when cycling a flat road, 4 is the best; when cycling down the mountain, 6 or 7 is the best. The wind was the best when cycling down

When we were canoeing, we broke into a group of 3. My group members were me, Ayaka, and Hana. We canoed at Lake Aokiko.We were going well at the first, but our boat didn’t go straight at last.         

When we went to the Yamano Hotel, we went to our rooms, unpacked and ate dinner. After dinner, we went on the hot air balloon.



Communicator at the Orienteering Course!

On the first day, we went to Hakuba, Nagano by bus. It took us 5 to 6 hours for Evergreen outdoor center Hakuba which we stayed the first day.


We built our tents with our group members. My group members were Me, Hana, and Amane. After that, we went to the orienteering course.


I was a communicator on the orienteering course by discussing and talking to my group members about the answers for each question and which way we’re going to go that was told on each station from 1 to 10. We used a compass to check which way we are going to go to reach the goal. The direction was told with the degrees on each station. We reached the goal with the average time of 1 hour 30 minutes.  At dinner time, 4 members were chosen and cut vegetables for our pasta.

 ⇦This photo is me and others cooking breakfast the next day.

After dinner, we had campfire and drank hot chocolate, sang some songs, and had some quiz.


What I feel about Field Studies

I think field studies is a very interesting experience. I am very excited because this is my first time going somewhere for 4 nights and 5 days. 

For our field studies, we’re going to Hakuba, Nagano. The first day, we’re going to camp. For the rest, we’re going to sleep in a hotel called Yamano Hotel. We’re going to do activities in Ever green Outdoor Center.

I am excited of the first day (camping), rock climbing, and riding on the hot air balloon. I want to be a risk-taker and caring while this camp. I think I can be a risk-taker by challenging on different things. For example, trying different levels while doing rock climbing. For caring, I can help others when they’re having trouble or when they need help. 

Improvised Storytelling

Skills- What skills in story telling did I learn?

I learned to listen to the story and think of the next part to make a good storytelling to cooperate with other members. I learned the skills: listening, watching, imagining and being creative.


Approach- How did I use skills in Physical Cooperative Storytelling?

For the cooperative storytelling, I used the skill “listening” to the person before and imagined the story to think of the next part of the story. For the physical storytelling, I used the skill “watching” and “imagining”, so I saw my partner’s action and talked about the story.


Connections- How could I use these skills in performance?

You can think about the story and create the story in your own way with “thinking” and “imagining”. Also you can watch the other members acting and talking by using the skill “watching” and look carefully how the other members are telling the story and acting.




The Road of Blog Investigation

During this 6 weeks, we worked on 3 things. The first one is our Blog Brainstorm. The second one is the Blog Research. The third one is the Learning about Word Press. These things were important to learn to know what to post, and how we can make it look good with our own ideas. I learned from this unit that if we don’t know about the basics and know how to find out the important facts, we can’t make a good blog.                         


When I did the brainstorm, I thought that if we don’t have an idea of what we are supposed to write, it will take a long time. Now I have lots of option to choose on writing and don’t have to take a long time since I have ideas.  When I did the blog research, I have learned that we should have pictures (the pictures need to stay on the topic) to get attention of our readers. Also, we need to have good designs and fonts, and need to be organized to get the readers attention. When I finished working on it, I know a lot about what makes a good blog and learned to look at other people’s blog with my own perspective. This way, I can make a better blog. At last, when we did the learning about word press, I learned that if we don’t know about each section and how to organize things. For example, without adding tags and categories, we can’t organize our blog. That means that our blog won’t look good, but now, I can work on my blog proudly.  Also, I learned that if our readers want to look at the post again and they can’t find it, they will give up and look at other people’s blog. That will be a bad thing!                               


The most three important criteria to me is safety, organization, and writing. I think safety is important because if you write about your personal stuff, someone might act as you or something bad might occur. That means you can’t put your whole name, telephone number, address and other dangerous information. I also think organization is important because if your blog is not organized, it will look messy. As I mentioned before, if it is messy, someone who wants to look at the same post they saw before won’t be able to find it. Finally, I think writing is important because if you don’t have good grammar, punctuation, and spelling, the readers won’t know what you’re trying to say. So they won’t read it. That means the reader will think you have bad english, so they won’t access to your blog since they don’t know what you’re saying. If I would add one more criteria that is important, I would include design too. The reason for that is that if you have good design(that includes background, color and fonts etc…) the blog will catch the reader’s eyes and they will check your blog.                                             

When you want to check if you have made your criteria well, you can do these things. For instance, for safety, you can check by  thinking to yourself if you can say this to people that you don’t know, or bad people. As for organization, you have to make sure to post in the appropriate category. In writing, you can check your writing again and again to check if your blog has good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you’re not confident of your english skills, you can ask your friend or teacher to check. 

My conclusion is that I mostly felt that I am proud of my work. For example, I really liked my brainstorm. Also, at first I didn’t like my blog research but when I changed it little by little to add details, I became confident on my work. For the next unit, I want to learn how technology can affect people in a good way and a bad way. I want to be better in writing posts that take the readers’ attention. I liked working on learning about word press sheet the most because I like to discover things that relate to technology and communication. Also, I learned about what we could do on our posts and blog. When I summarize what I wanted to say on this post, I liked everything and I slowly am getting knowledgeable on technology and blogs.