Inquirer at the MTB

On the second day, we broke into 2 groups. The groups were the members from the busses. My group did MTB(Mountain Biking) first and the other group did canoeing first. The MTB was my favorite activity at field studies. 

I was a inquirer while MTB by learning the gears and finding out the best gear when cycling up the mountain, a flat road, and cycling down the mountain. When cycling up the mountain, 1 is the best; when cycling a flat road, 4 is the best; when cycling down the mountain, 6 or 7 is the best. The wind was the best when cycling down

When we were canoeing, we broke into a group of 3. My group members were me, Ayaka, and Hana. We canoed at Lake Aokiko.We were going well at the first, but our boat didn’t go straight at last.         

When we went to the Yamano Hotel, we went to our rooms, unpacked and ate dinner. After dinner, we went on the hot air balloon.



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