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Best life in JAKARTA!

Who is finding the best country to live? Then choose Jakarta! ūüėČ

Jakarta’s average highest temperature is 32.58 degrees celsius. The average lowest temperature is 24.8 degrees celsius. The temperature is quite hot the whole year. The average rainy days are 168 days. Jakarta has dry seasons and wet seasons instead of the four seasons, so that means you need to have an umbrella even though it is hot.

The houses in Jakarta are mostly modern houses because most of the houses use modern materials. The fuels and food are very cheap in Jakarta. The price of the fuels are:

  • 1 liter of gas $0.72
  • 1 liter of gasoline $0.80

The price of the foods:

  • The price for 1.5 liter water bottle is $0.47(zero point fourty seven dollars)
  • Price of 1kg of rice: $1.30
  • Price of 12(dozen) eggs: $1.56

In Jakarta, there are many types of cars and other transportation that you can use. For example, there are different types of cars that starts with the letter “b”. One of them is called a becak.¬†

Of course Jakarta doesn’t only ¬†have good things.

In Jakarta, there are 2 main environmental problems. They are urban air pollution and animals are in danger of extinction. Because of the air pollution, the waters are very dirty. Most of the water has garbage in it and because of the floods occur commonly, so do not drink the water are sold in streets or water that is running through the cities. Drink the water that are sold in shops. The reason why I recommend you not to drink the water that are sold in streets are because the people who is selling it might have taken the water from the dirty water. 

The other problem, animal extinction are a big problem in Jakarta. The reason are mostly the trees getting cut. The most common animals are the Komodo dragon(the world biggest lizard) and the orangutans.  There are now programmes in indonesia to help increase the numbers of orang-utans and release them back into the wild. Forked tongue of Komodo Dragon - Komodo, Indonesia

Reflection in Drama

In drama, we had a improv game tournament. We played  Space Jump, Die! Story! Die, Statues, and Expert Double Figures in a group. My group-members were me, Eileen, Hana, and Ayaka. I think I did the best in the real one.

I think I did really good on Space Jump. I think we did good on Space Jump because we did really smoothly and we had different types of stories each scene, but I thought I needed to speak more loudly. Also, we should have changed our position by not standing the whole way. We could have sit, or lie down etc.. to change our position. Also, we shouldn’t cover each other up. I didn’t really offer ideas because I was the first person, but I accepted ideas from my other group members, or the audience even though I thought that was a boring idea or not. We could use these skills when we need to make our original studies or when we are sad, we can change our feelings to different kind of feelings. I think I earned a 7 on this because I think this tournament was my best when doing Space Jump because I always stood there and couldn’t think of any story. Eventhough, I made one, it was very very boring.


6C Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

What I feel about my blog design!

I worked on my blog design for 3 days. I made a draft, and then made my real one for each of the 3 designs. Then I chose my favorite one to use.

I am really happy to my blog design because I think it is very colorful and I can see my personality in my drawing. For example, my favorite colors, and my favorite pattern. I also think the contrast is also adjusted well to make the words look clearly. The layout of the posts are seen easily because the posts are outlined. Also, My blog title has the word “track”. ¬†People who doesn’t know about international school might be interested because the track means the road of ¬†doing something or trying to achieve a goal. For my blog, I wanted it to mean what kind of work I do until 12th grade(graduation). My blog has a design of a shooting star.¬†In Japan, if a shooting star shoots in the sky, people wish for something. Then, that might come true. (You need to wish for something while the shooting star is shooting across the sky or right after it finished shooting.) I wanted to be talented in different subjects, but I think I won’t be talented to everything, but I really want to be talented in Art, English, and Drama.¬†

I am proud on knowing how to customize our blog by changing the backgrounds, headers, widgets etc… Also, I am proud of knowing how to put widgets which isn’t in the widgets list. We can do that by inserting the html code for that widget in the text widget. ¬†¬†(This is my own flag counter for my blog. The flags on here is for my blog, so other people’s blog might have more or less flags)

The last thing I am proud of how to make pages and how to show stuff in the Navigation Menu. When I looked at the 7th graders blog, I was so curious ¬†to how to put the categories on the Navigation Menu and also make how to put the categories in a file called School or Categories. ¬†I also wanted to make an About me page because I wanted my readers to know about me before they read my blog. On the About me Page, i didn’t put my personal information to make myself safe.¬†


What I am proud of – Semester 1

I think I have learned different things in Semester 1 since this is my first year in middle school.

The first thing I am proud of myself is going to class on time. Im middle school, we change classrooms each time (mostly). Then, we need to go to class on time. The most difficult class change was Recess to Art because it is really far away to each other.

The second think I was proud of was volleyball. I never tried volleyball, but I challenged my self. I met different people there and really really had one. I think volleyball is my favorite sport now!

I am proud of myself during math class and Spanish class too. I am proud of myself during math because I could help my friends who has trouble. Also, I learned different ways to solve problems which I didn’t know before. In Spanish class, I learned different words which I wanted to learn. Also, I think Spanish is difficult compared to English and Japanese, so I want to learn more and be better at it.

We made buddys in class on the first day. My buddy was Ayaka. We had buddys to make sure our buddys on time and if they have trouble, we help them or try to solve the problem together.

Finally, I thought the most important thing to remember was to take care of our computers. I am proud of myself on computers because I didn’t forget my computer and didn’t have a problem at all. I did the software updates at least once in three weeks. Also I made files to keep my computer organized. My computer was fully charged at the start of the day and mostly, the battery maintained until the end of the day.

The Road of the Planning stage

We worked on the planning and designing part of the Design Cycle. For the first part, the investigating stage, there is a post about it¬†here. So far, we designed our own blog including the background, widgets, header etc… For the one that was called How to Grow a Blog, we made a goal of our own blog. I think we have done these things because we want to make our original blog, so we can see the difference of each other’s blogs. For the How to Grow a Blog, I think we did this because if we have a goal, we can work hard to achieve our goal and we can have the feeling to try our best to make our blog the best blog. It took us 6 weeks for finishing this.



I chose this blog design because I really like the color and the design. I imagined the posts as the shape for a filr because I like to be organised and in school, we mostly use files to sort stuff. Also I choosed a shooting star because in Japan, there is a story that if you pray for something when you see a shooting star, that will come true, and in school, I want to be talented at different things so I thought if I pray, I can be better at that more than I am now.



I need to learn about how I can make my blog my original one by making the header, posts, back ground and the arrangement of each widget etc… to my favorite style. I think I can do that by asking people who have thier own blog, teachers and friends, and playing with some stuff including internet sites¬†that realtes to blogs. Also, I want to learn how to put games on to my blog because then people can entertain themselves by playing games after they see my blog. I can learn that by asking people who have games on their blogs, research on the internet. Finally, I want to learn how I can make my own games and widgets because if I put more¬†detail of myself¬†in really small places, the reader can check my personalities and other stuff that describes me. I can do that by asking people who made their own games and widgets, people who was one of the people who made a really famous game and others…

I was confident on my blog design because I really think that I put most of my personality. For example, my favorite colors, my favorite pattern and others. I really enjoyed this¬†part as the one before. I enjoyed it because I really learned that if I make my blog original and different to others, many people will come to our blog. The thing that was challenging the most in this unit was setting my goal because I had 2 different feelings. One was I want to have… and the other one was Can I have this many(much)…? I asked myself which I would rather think of so I mostly chose I want to have to think more positivly! One of my goals were I want to have more than 500 people viewing my blog and people from more than 50 countries will visit my blog at the end of 6th grade, so I want to make my blog interesting and make many people read my blog.

Cross Country Strategy

I always use self-talk when running. I think¬†this works because you can concentrate on other stories and other topics so you can forget that you’re tired or other stuff and you can just think about that thing. When I use self-talk, I always think about if I run at the time of this from this, I can eat my favorite thing or do my favorite thing. When¬† I put more detail, I always think if I run from 15:30 to 16:40, I can buy stuff or eat crepe!!! I will recommend this strategy to next year’s grade 6 because if they have their own topic of talking to themselves and if it is a really positive story, it will make them happy and make them run faster. I think I can use this strategy when you’re in a dentist and when you pull out a tooth and it really hurts, then you can use this strategy to forget the pain. Also you can talk to your self when remembering something by you can make a sentence and then think of a story with that sentence and you will remember it pretty well!

Food Fair!!!

On November 4th, YIS had a food fair. There were many games, activities and shops. There were many activities. Me and my friends did the same tattoos. Me and Amane shaded some of ¬†our hairs into orange. Then we went to the free market. I bought a jigsaw puzzle of Mt. Fuji and a case with Stitch on it! At last, we went to the haunted mansion. This year’s haunted mansion wasn’t that scary compared to the past, but when my feet was grabbed from a women, I screamed and laughed because it was funny but scary.¬†

Me and my friends went to Chuukagai and took a purikura. The one we took is this. We took 6 including this. (6 photos are 1 set).


After purikura, we ate snack at my friend Sho’s¬†restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Pekin- Hanten (Beijing Hanten). It is a Chinese restaurant and we ate shouronpao, tapioka, and anman. It was really good! ūüôā

Open-Minded in the bus, Caring at the stops

I was very sad leaving Hakuba, since I had so much fun there. I sat in the bus by myself and listened to music for a while.

I was open-minded in the bus. I took pictures and saw Mt. Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland. Mt. Fuji was so cool. I felt like going to Fuji-Q Highland watching the jet-coasters because I LOVE JET-COASTERS! I thought where the idea of each jet coaster came by looking at each jet coasters.


I was caring at the stops. At the first stop, I bought omiyage for my cousins. I bought them a apple porch and a cat hand each. At the second stop, I bought takowasa to my mom! When I gave takowasa to my mom, she looked so happy:) Yeah!!!


Risk taker at Day 4

4th day, we went hiking to Mt. Minekata. The road was mushy because of the rain the day before. The dogs that are pet at the Evergreen outdoor center, Sky and Teddy came to the hike with us. At the middle of the mountain, there was a course named Kikori no Michi (Woodcutter’s road). ¬† ¬† ¬†

  ⇦The dog in the front is Teddy.

I was a risk taker at the Kikori no Michi because I walked on a very thin trail that was a little wet. I was scared but feeling like a risk taker made me feel strong. At the very end of the trail, we saw a dead snake. 


After dinner at the hotel, each room group presented a 2 to 3 minute skit using the word “Sky” or using “Sky” as a theme. With my group(me, Hana, and Amane), ¬†we made a skit about:

Me, Hana, and Amane wanted to touch the sky, so we tried to touch the sky using the highest rock climbing wall in the wall, but logically, it is impossible to touch the sky. At the conclusion, we were sad because we couldn’t touch the sky but we were happy because it was a nice view from the top of the wall and we really enjoyed climbing.¬†

I was also a risk taker during the skit too! ūüôā

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