Open-Minded in the bus, Caring at the stops

I was very sad leaving Hakuba, since I had so much fun there. I sat in the bus by myself and listened to music for a while.

I was open-minded in the bus. I took pictures and saw Mt. Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland. Mt. Fuji was so cool. I felt like going to Fuji-Q Highland watching the jet-coasters because I LOVE JET-COASTERS! I thought where the idea of each jet coaster came by looking at each jet coasters.


I was caring at the stops. At the first stop, I bought omiyage for my cousins. I bought them a apple porch and a cat hand each. At the second stop, I bought takowasa to my mom! When I gave takowasa to my mom, she looked so happy:) Yeah!!!


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