Risk taker at Day 4

4th day, we went hiking to Mt. Minekata. The road was mushy because of the rain the day before. The dogs that are pet at the Evergreen outdoor center, Sky and Teddy came to the hike with us. At the middle of the mountain, there was a course named Kikori no Michi (Woodcutter’s road).      

  ⇦The dog in the front is Teddy.

I was a risk taker at the Kikori no Michi because I walked on a very thin trail that was a little wet. I was scared but feeling like a risk taker made me feel strong. At the very end of the trail, we saw a dead snake. 


After dinner at the hotel, each room group presented a 2 to 3 minute skit using the word “Sky” or using “Sky” as a theme. With my group(me, Hana, and Amane),  we made a skit about:

Me, Hana, and Amane wanted to touch the sky, so we tried to touch the sky using the highest rock climbing wall in the wall, but logically, it is impossible to touch the sky. At the conclusion, we were sad because we couldn’t touch the sky but we were happy because it was a nice view from the top of the wall and we really enjoyed climbing. 

I was also a risk taker during the skit too! 🙂

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