Thinker at rock climbing!

On the 3rd day, we broke into 2 groups again and the members were the same. My group did river clean up first. While going to the river, we saw people ski jumping at the place the Nagano olympic’s ski jump was held.

After the river clean up, we went to lunch and while going to lunch, we had a quiz. The quiz was 5 is 4, 8 is 5, 4 is magic; Why is 4 magic??? 

The answer is 4’s magic because 4 is four and it has 4 letters. 5 is five and has 4 letters, 8 is eight and has 8 letters. The numbers are the number of alphabets in the number. After lunch, we went rock climbing.


At rock climbing, I was a thinker because I thought about where is the best place to put my hands and my feet to go up. Sadly, I couldn’t go at the very top because it was slippery by the rain but, I was happy because this was my first time to rock climb very high and I was a bit scary but, won my scariness!




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