The Road of the Planning stage

We worked on the planning and designing part of the Design Cycle. For the first part, the investigating stage, there is a post about it here. So far, we designed our own blog including the background, widgets, header etc… For the one that was called How to Grow a Blog, we made a goal of our own blog. I think we have done these things because we want to make our original blog, so we can see the difference of each other’s blogs. For the How to Grow a Blog, I think we did this because if we have a goal, we can work hard to achieve our goal and we can have the feeling to try our best to make our blog the best blog. It took us 6 weeks for finishing this.



I chose this blog design because I really like the color and the design. I imagined the posts as the shape for a filr because I like to be organised and in school, we mostly use files to sort stuff. Also I choosed a shooting star because in Japan, there is a story that if you pray for something when you see a shooting star, that will come true, and in school, I want to be talented at different things so I thought if I pray, I can be better at that more than I am now.



I need to learn about how I can make my blog my original one by making the header, posts, back ground and the arrangement of each widget etc… to my favorite style. I think I can do that by asking people who have thier own blog, teachers and friends, and playing with some stuff including internet sites that realtes to blogs. Also, I want to learn how to put games on to my blog because then people can entertain themselves by playing games after they see my blog. I can learn that by asking people who have games on their blogs, research on the internet. Finally, I want to learn how I can make my own games and widgets because if I put more detail of myself in really small places, the reader can check my personalities and other stuff that describes me. I can do that by asking people who made their own games and widgets, people who was one of the people who made a really famous game and others…

I was confident on my blog design because I really think that I put most of my personality. For example, my favorite colors, my favorite pattern and others. I really enjoyed this part as the one before. I enjoyed it because I really learned that if I make my blog original and different to others, many people will come to our blog. The thing that was challenging the most in this unit was setting my goal because I had 2 different feelings. One was I want to have… and the other one was Can I have this many(much)…? I asked myself which I would rather think of so I mostly chose I want to have to think more positivly! One of my goals were I want to have more than 500 people viewing my blog and people from more than 50 countries will visit my blog at the end of 6th grade, so I want to make my blog interesting and make many people read my blog.

3 Comments on The Road of the Planning stage

  1. Kim Cofino
    November 22, 2012 at 4:45 pm (7 years ago)

    Awesome! I’m really glad you made your blog reflect your personality! I am really impressed with your goals for your blog! I think you will be able to reach 500 viewers, and I think 50 countries will be challenging, but you should definitely try! Lets see if you can use our Blogging Buddies (links on my blog) to find more connections around the world!

  2. casey
    January 15, 2013 at 3:32 am (6 years ago)

    nice blog post,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Your blog design was really neat. I liked the patterns and colors you included. I thought your ideas were really creative like your shooting star.Your current blog is really cool also. I like your background:)
    Nice blog,

  3. Michaela
    January 15, 2013 at 3:39 am (6 years ago)

    I really like all the pictures an videos! And your posts are really detailed. Maybe you could help me, by giving my blog some feedback!


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