What I feel about my blog design!

I worked on my blog design for 3 days. I made a draft, and then made my real one for each of the 3 designs. Then I chose my favorite one to use.

I am really happy to my blog design because I think it is very colorful and I can see my personality in my drawing. For example, my favorite colors, and my favorite pattern. I also think the contrast is also adjusted well to make the words look clearly. The layout of the posts are seen easily because the posts are outlined. Also, My blog title has the word “track”.  People who doesn’t know about international school might be interested because the track means the road of  doing something or trying to achieve a goal. For my blog, I wanted it to mean what kind of work I do until 12th grade(graduation). My blog has a design of a shooting star. In Japan, if a shooting star shoots in the sky, people wish for something. Then, that might come true. (You need to wish for something while the shooting star is shooting across the sky or right after it finished shooting.) I wanted to be talented in different subjects, but I think I won’t be talented to everything, but I really want to be talented in Art, English, and Drama. 

I am proud on knowing how to customize our blog by changing the backgrounds, headers, widgets etc… Also, I am proud of knowing how to put widgets which isn’t in the widgets list. We can do that by inserting the html code for that widget in the text widget.   (This is my own flag counter for my blog. The flags on here is for my blog, so other people’s blog might have more or less flags)

The last thing I am proud of how to make pages and how to show stuff in the Navigation Menu. When I looked at the 7th graders blog, I was so curious  to how to put the categories on the Navigation Menu and also make how to put the categories in a file called School or Categories.  I also wanted to make an About me page because I wanted my readers to know about me before they read my blog. On the About me Page, i didn’t put my personal information to make myself safe. 


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  1. Kim Cofino
    November 27, 2012 at 9:38 am (6 years ago)

    I’m glad you’re proud of your blog design Emily! I’m wondering what happened to the shooting star design – I thought that one really fit you well, but it’s not here any more. You spent a lot of time thinking about how to make it look, maybe it’s worth leaving it that way for a little while?


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