December 2012 archive

Winter break

Winter break—-!

Winter break is the 2nd most interesting break! I can go skiing, watch gaki no tsukai and a very very famous music show in Japan, Kouhaku utagassen. For this years kouhaku, a artist called golden bomber will sing and they are very famous in japan. A song called “Memeshikute” is a song which was in second place for this years karaoke ranking. Also, I can meet my cousins which I love meeting and playing with them. I want to see the tv shows with them because then it will be very fun.

P.S.- I might call my friends in random during break so beee carefull  :)))

Spirit Day

Yesterday was spirit day! Each grade from middle school to high school weared clothes that matches to their topic.

6th grade was rock star so I wore Jeans, shirt, and a jeans jacket. It was very fun because this was my first year to have spirit day. We did yes no quiz, hunger games, sock wrestling, and dodge ball.

4 people from 6th grade joined the game. for hunger games amane and dan which dan won. For sock wrestling, Ayaka and Nao joined and they both won. Finally, all middle schoolers had a dance. My favorite dance was Mario.

From 2:00, we had student entertainment and my most favorite entertainment was the 2 dances and jyounetsu tairiku, and the human beat box. for jyounetsu tairiku, there were 4 different instruments(I think) the elextric guitar, drums, piano, and electric violin. There were 2 people who were doing the human beat box. Also there was a twin doing tap dance. Since, I am a twin that really impressed me:)

Science: Cells & Pollination Reflection

Cells– In earth there are 2 types of cells. Animal cell and Plant cell. Plant cells have Cellulose cell wall, but animal cell doesn’t. Plant cell contains cell sap, but animal cell doesn’t. Plant cell has a box like shape, however animal cells have various shapes. Plant cell has nucleus on the side, Animal cell has nucleus on the middle. 

Flower Power– gymnosperms: reproduce by producing cones, the cones give off pollen from the male pine cone. The breeze or wind then carries the spores to the female pine cone. Finally, the spores can fertilize the ovule or egg. It’s not called a seed until it’s fertilized.    Angiosperms: reproduce through flowers. Unlike Gymnosperms which have separate male and female cones, flowers contain both the male and female reproductive systems. The male reproductive system is called the Stamen which contains pollen . The female reproductive system is called the Pistil and includes the egg.  

Our Activities: In this unit, we focused on cells and flowers. For the activity for flowers, we chose a flower, cut it into half, and then looked at it in the microscope. While looking at it, we sketched it. We also did an assessment about a seed. We made a twister that looks a bit like the seed that has wings. then we chose the 4 lengths which we will use to make the twister. Then, we dropped it 4 times each and found out the average time for each wing. We found out that the shorter the wing is, it will drop more faster.

Reflection on the Unit:

I really liked the twister assessment(experiment), because it was very interesting to see the twister twirling, and also it was fun making.  (the table for the twister)

I also enjoyed cutting the flowers, however, I didn’t like sketching them. I enjoyed cutting the flowers because it was fun to use the tools and also it was my first time cutting them and taking out the eggs!!! This unit was my first time sketching using a microscope, so it was hard drawing since I couldn’t really see the inside. (the graph for twister)