January 2013 archive

Compare and Contrast Tutorial

The differences of the tutorial I made, and the cheese cake tutorial are:

  • presentation, and video
  • no voice, and voice
  • Mine didn’t have tips
  • 1 language and 2 language in words

The simliarities are:

  • both step by step
  • have words
  • have images (visual)
  • showed how it looks like at the end
  • white background

Now, I would like to learn how to put subtitles in the video, during the step. Also, I want to know how the camera should be used to make a perfect tutorial.

My favorite tutorial

I watched 4 tutorial videos, and this was my favorite. It is called “How to make a Japanese Cheese Cake“!!!

This video teaches us how to make a cheese cake.

In this video, I learned how to make a  japanese cheese cake. Also I learned that, we use smashed wafers for the bottom of the cakebecause it had subtitles to see the ingredients, and how to make it. This tutorial is a good video, because the background is plain white, so it won’t disturb the audiences sight. It had both Japanese and English subtitles so both Japanese and American can understand. Also other people who speaks these language can understand too. The creator can say, and write the tips. Also, she should make a slide that lists all the ingredients at last, so we don’t have to watch the whole tutorial to check the ingredients. Maybe, this can’t be improved, however, I think the creator should have more good pronouncation if she’s going to speak in English, because some words were hard to understand.

My second favorite video is about How to make a macaroni salad.

I learned how to make a macaroni salad, by checking the ingredients and the instructions in this video. I thought this was a good tutorial too because it was simple, and oraganised, I can tell that this video was organaised because when the video was filmed after a few minutes, the scene changed. I think this video would be better if it had subtitles, and it told us how to make a boiled egg in case if someone didn’t know how.


I started watching Naruto! It’s so interesting, and funny:)


Les Miserables

On January 4th, I saw the movie of Les Miserables with my family. I really liked this movie. It is about french revolution. I felt that I want to watch this movie again.

This is the trailer:

This is the main song(I dreamed a dream):

This is my favorite song (Do you hear the people sing):