Tutorial Reflection

In this unit, we learned about what a good tutorial is and how to make one. Then, we were going to make a tutorial. The tutorial I was planning about was how to make a potato salad, since my passions is cooking.

The first thing we did in this unit was our tutorial research. We saw some tutorial videos on the internet. I saw the tutorials that are based on cooking. We wrote about what we learned, what the creator did well, and what the creator should improve. My most favorite and my second favorite tutorial videos are listed on this blog post.

After I finished posting my favorite tutorial videos, and a small paragraph on my blog, I commented on Sara’s and Emma’s blog to check their favorite tutorial videos too. On Sara’s blog, I learned how to run faster. On Emma’s blogs I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies. The tutorials they thought that was good was very good!!!

During this unit, I learned what would make a good tutorial. The main thing I thought that would make a good tutorial were subtitles, and step by step. Also the background shouldn’t be distracting. I thought subtitles were important because if the creator didn’t speak clearly, or we couldn’t understand, it would be very helpful to understand the steps. Then, I think step by step is related to subtitles because if the subtitles aren’t written in steps by steps or the creator doesn’t speak in step by step, it will be counfusing. If the background is distracting,  we would concentrate on the background and not watch the main tutorial.


The differences of the tutorial I made, and the cheese cake tutorial are:

  • presentation, and video
  • no voice, and voice
  • Mine didn’t have tips
  • 1 language and 2 language in words

The simliarities are:

  • both step by step
  • have words
  • have images (visual)
  • showed how it looks like at the end
  • white background

Finally, I really enjoyed this unit because after learning the important steps of making a good tutorial, I felt that I wanted to make one. Now, I would like to learn how to put subtitles in the video, during the step. Also, I want to know how the camera should be used to make a perfect tutorial. The reason I want to learn how to put subtitles is because I know how to put subtitles but I don’t know how to put the subtitles in the pace of talking. Also I want to learn how to use camera works because then the camera works can make a mess on the tutorial.

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  1. Kim Cofino
    March 3, 2013 at 11:43 am (6 years ago)

    Well done Emily! I’m glad you found a topic you enjoy and you had some great examples of tutorials to learn from. I am really impressed that you noticed that one of your favorite tutorials was well organized because of the change of scene. These tutorial criteria are important right now as you design your storyboard. Make sure you use them to plan a great tutorial!


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