March 2013 archive

SUGAR RUSH シュガーラッシュ

Today, I watched a movie called Sugar Rush with my dad and my sister. It is a wonderful movie, and I cried at the last bit. I will only tell you the main information. There is a character called Ralf, and he is a bad guy in the game called Fix it Felix. Sorry if the name of the game is wrong. Then, he doesn’t like being the bad guy so he goes to a different game an meets a girl called Venelope. Again, sorry if the spelling is wrong. Please see the movie! 🙂


Music I like listening now! March 2013

Rita Ora- How we do! I heard this song on a radio, and I like Rita Ora’s music! Especially How we do.

Taylor Swift- 22! I love Taylor Swift 🙂 This song is the song that will be the main song in the next single.
Yuusuke- Lemon(Short Version);遊助ー檸檬. This is a Japanese song but I really like it!


Basket ball game at A-ISJ

Today, The c team and a team from YIS MSG basketball played against Aoba International School. It was the 2nd game for the other people but the first game for me, since I couldn’t attend the game last week at Seisen.

First, I didn’t know the rules so I was very nervous if I can play the game corretly. However, when I started playing, I really enjoyed it, and I learned the rules very fast! I think the part I liked the most was defence and offence.  The most hard part was when trying to score, and also when marking a player for the other team. I had about 3-4 chances which I could score, but I missed it everytime… Our final score was 6-14, and we lost.

I hope we will win the next game. Today, Emily.R, and Sussana had an injury so they came, but didn’t play. Emily broke her arm, and she needs 1 month and a half to fix it, so she can’t play a while. I am very sad… Well, I want to play a game with her, so I hope her arm gets better 🙂

Tutorial- Plan Reflection

In the Planning, during the Tutorial unit, we planned our own tutorial. My tutorial is about “How to Make Mashed Potatos”. We drew a story board, and also planned our tutorial timeline for our tutorial.

I think my tutorial will meet the subtitles, step-by-step, planned. I think subtitles will meet my tutorial because I will have subtitles, but the subtitles will be simple. The step-by-step will meet my tutorial because I think my steps are easily to understand, and also, it is step-by-step so it will tell each step with no extra detail that we don’t need. At last, I think my tutorial is well planned because my story board was very detailed, I planned the dates to prepare for my video, and also, I listed all my ingredients.

I think the most special thing that makes my tutorial differet than the other tutorial videos about making a mashed potato is the ingredients that is in my mashed potato. I’m gonna put egg in it!!! Also, I think it will be more step-by-step than others. I think the viewer will easily understand my tutorial because I think it will be very organised, understanding, and step-by-step. 

I think I will need to learn if I can turn off the background noise, and the disturbing background in iMovie, because if there is background noise, or something in the background, it will not be a good tutorial, and it will be disturbing.

I really enjoyed this unit and I can’t wait to make my own tutorial:) If I learn the two things on iMovie, I think I will make a wonderful tutorial! If possible, I would make my storyboard a little bit better. I would make it better, by making my drawings better. The drawings were quite bad, so sometimes, I don’t understand my own drawing!!!

Disney Land

Yesterday I went to disney land with my friend, her mom, my sister, and my mom. At about 12:30, we left our house and we went to the hotel, since we were sleeping over for 1 night. However, we left at 10:35 in the morning today. We went to a hotel called Hotel ookura bay. It is an official hotel for disney resort.

When we went to our hotel, we ate lunch. After, me, my sister, and my friend went to disney land, and our parents stayed at the hotel. We rode on the monorail!!!

At disney land, we rode on Pirates of the carribean, Tea cup(2times), Space mountain, Car Race, Winnie the pooh, and Buzz lightyear. We ate dinner in disney land! For dessert, there were many cute cakes.  The top left cake which is the honey cake was very good! After dinner, we went to the shops, and bought stuff! It was 10:20! WOW! At the entrance, we took a photo:)

My friend Saki, my sis Emma, me

We went on the monorail back to our hotel! Our room was on the 6th floor. The parents slept in one room, and the kids slept in the other room. When we came to our rooms, we took a picture with our minnie t-shirts!  I think the minnie t-shirt doesn’t show… Well, after that we took a shower and the order was Saki, me, then Emma. When Saki, and I took a shower, we ordered food and ate sandwich, and ochazuke. After that, Emma took a shower, but then Saki slept. So me, and Emma were the only one awake, so we watched TV then slept. The time was around 1:00 am in the morning!

Me, and Emma woke at 8:00 the next day, but Saki was still asleep. Emma and I prepared for breakfast. Saki was still asleep… I didn’t know how I should wake her up, so I went to my mom’s room, and called Saki’s mom to wake her up… Then, she woke up:) She prepared and then we went downstairs to eat breakfast!!! It was pretty good!

It was very fun so I hope we can play again!!! :) :)


Fiesta Fairytail



7つの海を越えて 集い騒ごう 常夏の島を目指して
肌の色 言語も関係ないじゃん
夕焼け空が 熱を帯びてゆく
さあ みんなで踊りだそう

共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして


昨日を悔やんだって 後の祭り

「そこに山があるから。」 そういってた登山家
ほら雨さえも エネルギーに変えて
笑顔咲かせ 踊り明かそう

共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして


共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして



Our Forces Design Task: Wrapping Up The Experiment

Completing our Experiment

We used the playground for rubber and concrete. We used the carpet in the kirin building. The dirt was in the garden which there is a lot of weed which is near the language building. Also, when we used water, we poured the water into a bucket and we did that in the playground too. When Grace got the bucket from the cleaning lady, me, and Totah was buying food. I bought a small muffin, and Totah bought popcorn. When Totah brang the Popcorn back to class, Mr Fedley said something. Then, everyone in the class laughed. However, I didn’t understand what Mr. Fedley said…

Our Results

As you can see, the average height of:

Rubber- 26

Concrete- 63.7

Dirt- 7.3

Carpet- 61.7

Water- 0

What Our Results Mean

Concrete bounced the most, and water bounced the least. We think concrete bounced the most because concrete is flat and hard the most in the 5 different surfaces. On the other hand, water keeps on wiggling because it isn’t hard. Also the surfaces keeps on moving. That’s why the bouncy ball splash into the water, and won’t come up easily because of the forces. If the water was like a jelly, it would bounce more. I don’t really get why carpet was the second surface that bounced the most because carpet isn’t flat, and hard. Then, I think it would be rubber or dirt the second because it is possible to make it flat, but rubber and dirt was 3rd, and 4th.

Errors in our data

The data isn’t perfectly true because it is only 1 second which the bouncy ball stays at the highest height. Maybe, it can be less than a second. That means, carpet can be the highest surface if we measured it again.

And Our Hypothesis Was….

My hypothesis was:  I think the concrete is the best surface because it is flat, and hard.

This was correct because the conrete was the best surface. We think the reason was also correct because concrete is flat, and hard and the opposite to water. However, I thought rubber was second but it was third. This means it doesn’t mean that surfaces that are flat and hard doesn’t mean that it bounces the most. Even though, this also doesn’t mean it can be the very last because water was 0cm, and there isn’t less than 0cm unless the surface breaks.

And The Rest

For the controlled variable, it was the bouncyball. We chose the bouncyball that bounced the most. The dependent variable was the height. we dropped the bouncyball from 1 meter above. The independent variables were the different surfaces. Water, Carpet, Rubber, Concrete, dirt. If there is one, we should use an machine that can check the height of the bouncyball. If it is impossible, we can video the scenes when we bounce and check the height by attaching the ruler near the spot we bounce.

Moving Force

If we want to expand this experiment, we can choose different kinds of bouncyballs with the same surface, or we can choose flat, and hard surfaces. Also, we can see if the results stay the same of the area of each surface.