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Singing in the Rain

This doesn’t relate to the post I posted right before… Well, it is about Singing in the Rain though…

April 21st was my birthday!!! On that day, there was an event of the actress/artist who I liked at Roppongi. A company called Switch held the event. After the talk show of her, I saw the movie Singing in the Rain at a movie theater in Roppongi Hills, Toho Cinemas.

My most favorite character in the movie was Lina Lamont, which Jean Hagen played. I liked her because she was very funny! Especially, her voice XD 🙂


This is the scene I liked a lot. lolol 🙂

This is the song called “Good morning”. I like this song the best in the movie!!!

There were about 2-3 scenes where the song “Singing in the Rain” was sung. I liked this scene the best!!!


I will recomend this movie to all of the readers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy, young or old!!! So please watch 🙂

4/21は私の誕生日でした。その日に、六本木ヒルズでわたしのすきな芸能人のイベントがありました。 Switchという会社が主催するイベントでした。トークショーが終わった後、私は雨に唄えばという映画をみました。今まで見た映画で私の中のトップ3に ランクインしました!それぐらい、最高の映画です!なので、皆さんも是非みてください!上にある動画の説明は順番に





Drama- Gene Kelly


He didn’t use the umbrella as we use always, but he used it for showing how he feels. He looked very happy, and enjoyful in the rain. I think rhythms were used in the tap dance the most. His expression was very enthusiastic, and it made the song very interesting and fun! He used the space very widely!!!

My tutorial video!!!

Please check my video! It is about how to make a japanese mashed potato! If you can, please subscribe!!! Also, I have an another channel, so if you want to know, please leave a comment!!! 

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In the create unit, we made our own tutorial. My tutorial was about how to make Japanese mashed potato!!! I embeded my video on the top of the post. However, click here to see my video. First, I thought of making normal mashed potatos, but my ingredients were like ingredients which we use in Japanese food, so I thought it was Japanese mashed potatos.

I think my tutorial had subtitles, simple instructions, introduction, and step-by-step. Also, my tutorial was safe, since I didn’t include my whole name, where I live etc…, and I respected copy right, and I had appropriate language. I think my graphics should have been better, and I think I should have spoken clearly, and smoothly. Also, I didn’t have the final picture, of how the mashed potato should look like, so I think it will be better, if I improved on those things.

I saw 2 tutorials which 2 people in my grade made. Emma (my sister), and Emily‘s. For Emmas and Emily’s tutorial, I found one similar thing that is one of the things that makes a good tutorial. It is the catchy music. I thought catchy music can make the tutorial interesting. Of course, I learned how to make brownies, and how to draw realistic eyes. I thought Emma should have subtitles to make it more understanding, and Emily should have voice in her tutorial. When I saw the two videos, I thought music was important and also, the words you use in the voice over, and the tone of your voice will change how the people who watches the video’s feelings.

I want to learn how to make a tutorial with simple background, and how to add sparkles etc… on the “how it should look like” image. Also, I want to know how I can make a tutorial that isn’t disturbing and looks very clean. I want to learn how to make a tutorial with simple background because the video I took looked a bit unclean, and also there were some things which disturbed the video. Also, when I was filming for the microwave, it was very dark, and I couldn’t see most of the things.

Finally, I really enjoyed creating a tutorial. I felt that I wanted to make another one too! However, I think I need to improve on my “making the tutorial skills”, because I think I’m not good at it yet. Next time, I want to make cake or something, because I like cooking stuff. Next time I make a tutorial, the most important thing to improve is the voice and the backgrounds… This unit teached me to how I can teach people which I think I’m good at it, and what makes a tutorial good!!! 🙂