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Different Shots

We have started a new unit in English. It is about: How can I “read” an image like a text? Images contain hidden meaning as the written word.  We are learning about different kinds of shots too.

What are the effects of different film shots?

I chose high angle shots, and the low angle shots to explain.

High angle shots- a film director would use this shot to show the whole body of a person. Also, it is used when someone at a high level is talking to a character below. 

Low angle shots- a film director would use this shot to show someone or something big. We also can show things epic. 

The task 

We went to the roof located on the top of our school. We became in pairs. Then, we took some pictures with different angles (shots). My partner was Eileen, and we took several kind of photos. We took photos that uses high angle shots, low angle shots, birds eye view, close up, long shot, medium shot. 

This is a medium shot of me. This isn’t a close up, nor a long shot. This is like a middle distance. It shows, the upper part of my body.

This pic is Eileen’s low angle shot. This also shows Eileen’s whole body. However, this makes her look big.

クロユリ団地 Kuroyuri Danchi

On May 18th, I, my sister Emma, Emily Rose, and Sayaka went to see a horror movie, ‘Kuroyuri Danchi’. It is about a girl called Asuka which Atsuko Maeda plays moves to a place called Kuroyuri Danchi. Then there was a man dead in the room next to the room which moved in. She meets a boy called Minoru at a park near the Danchi. Then, creepy things happen to Asuka. Then she meets a man called Sasahara (Narimiya Hiroki) which came to clean up the room which the man died. Then, Sasahara & Asuka tries to solve the mysteries together. This movie was the best horror movie I ever seen! Also, this movie is inside my Top 5 movies. I will recommend this movie~~~ 🙂 The main reason I wanted to watch this was that because my favorie actress (Atsuko Maeda) was playing Asuka, and I like horror movies~!


私がクロユリ団地を見たかった理由は主に二つ。一つ目は私の大好きなあっちゃんこと前田敦子さんが主演をつとめるからです!なりあつがW主演です!二つ目は私はホラーはとくいではありませんが好きだからです!クロユリ団地はホラー映画ですが、感動もできますよ☆ホラー映画では私的に今までで一番です!私の個人の映画ランキングでも、Top 5 にはいってます♪皆さんもぜひみてください~


Ueno Zoo

On April 23rd, 6th grade went to the Ueno Zoo. We went there by train&walk.


First, we became in a group of 5. My group was, me, Mayuho, Aiden, Asuka, and Henri. Then, we researched our animals one by one. My animal was the red panda. There were about 5 questions to answer.

We visited the Red panda, Bison, Emu, Ring tailed lemur, and ruffed lemur.

The red panda, and bison’s environment really looked like man made. However, the ring tailed lemur, ruffed lemurs and the emu area looked a little like natural environment. There was only one red panda in the red panda area. The area was quite big for only one red panda. The emu area was very small. There was only one emu too . The bison area was medium size. Again, there was only one bison. There were a lot of lemurs.  The area was quite big!!

I couldn’t see the bison really well, and the red panda was sleeping, so I didn’t know if they felt very happy about the environment. However, the red panda seemed comfortable during the sleep. The emu seemed un happy, since the area was small, and he/she didn’t have any space to move around. The lemurs seemed happy, since the area was big. The lemurs were playing around, sleeping, or relaxing.

I think we have zoos to stop making the animals extincting in the natural environment. This means, that if we (human) take care of the animals, there isn’t a possibility that the carnivores will eat the herbivores etc… Also, the humans can notice if the animals look sick or not, and if they are sick, we can make them feel better most of the time. The second reason is to make the humans see the animals, from a man made environment to keep the humans safe. If the people want to see the animals and go to the natural environment, there is danger for humans, nature, and animals.

If I was an animal living in a zoo, I think I won’t really be happy, because there won’t be my whole family, and there are humans everyday trying to watch me! Also, the environment isn’t very similar to the natural environment, so if I need to go to the natural environment if I grow up, I think it won’t be easy as the others which grew up in the natural environment.

I think some zoos should improve making the environments more similar to the natural environment, because one day, the animals will go back to the natural environment, and they need to be suited. I do not know if all the animals are fed the same way, but I think they should leave food somewhere, not in plates because there aren’t plates in the natural environment. Also, they should give food that can be found in the natural environment.

I think we should have zoos because we can take care of the animals more easily, and find out what is good for the animals. Also, I think it is good to visit zoos, but not a lot of people should visit the zoo because,  something might happen to the animals, and we don’t know what the animals think.