Different Shots

We have started a new unit in English. It is about: How can I “read” an image like a text? Images contain hidden meaning as the written word.  We are learning about different kinds of shots too.

What are the effects of different film shots?

I chose high angle shots, and the low angle shots to explain.

High angle shots- a film director would use this shot to show the whole body of a person. Also, it is used when someone at a high level is talking to a character below. 

Low angle shots- a film director would use this shot to show someone or something big. We also can show things epic. 

The task 

We went to the roof located on the top of our school. We became in pairs. Then, we took some pictures with different angles (shots). My partner was Eileen, and we took several kind of photos. We took photos that uses high angle shots, low angle shots, birds eye view, close up, long shot, medium shot. 

This is a medium shot of me. This isn’t a close up, nor a long shot. This is like a middle distance. It shows, the upper part of my body.

This pic is Eileen’s low angle shot. This also shows Eileen’s whole body. However, this makes her look big.

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