August 2013 archive

School from today ~今日から~

Today was the first day of 7th grade. I was in 7A and my teacher was Mr. Thomas. There was 2 new students in my class, but 1 of them didn’t come today. For the first period, we drew pictures about our name, hobby, holiday, and how you want your school year want to be. Then, we played a memory game with those ideas. From the 2nd period to 6th period, we went to the auditorium, and made some presentations with the 8th graders to show the important things about getting your own laptop.



Summer Break ~夏休み~

My summer break started at June 20th(I think) and it will end at August 26th! We have more than 2 months!!! Yay~☆

So, I went to Phoenix, Arizona from June 25th to July 22nd. The reason I went there is to see my cousins and go to a YMCA camp which is called Camp SKY-Y! My cousins names are Sara and Lei. They are fully Japanese but they went to Arizona because of their fathers job. They lived in Taiwan before moving to Arizona. I went to different places there. The places I enjoyed the most are the pool(Sunsplash) and amusement park (Castles ~n~ Coasters). For the pool, we went on the water slides. It was awesome~♪ At the amusement park, I road the free fall my first time in my life!!! It was scary but sooo fun!!!
Also, we went to see a game of Arizona Diamond Backs which is a baseball team! I became a fan of D-Backs since I watched the game. I like Ross the most!
After I came back, I had some play dates with Sayaka~!
We’re planning to go to Hakkeijima sea paradise at August 16th with Ayaka, Sayaka, Emily.R, and my sis Emma.