Our experiment was to find the percentage of salt and iron from the loromite which is a rock. However, loromite isn’t made with only salt and iron. There are cement and other stuff in it too.

These are the equpiments you need:

filtering paper, bunsen burner, beaker, water, pestle, calculator, balance, rock, tripod, heat proof mat, scrap paper

Our method was this:

1. First smash the rock with the hammer. Then with the pestle.

2. Then measure the mass by putting it on the scale.

3. Put the rock in the beaker that has water in it.

4. Mix it so the salt will dissolve.

5. Next, filter the liquid inside the beaker little by little. Make sure the liquid will go into the flask which you set.

6. Then, evaporate the water that was filtered by using the bunsen burner. At this point, put the liquid in the beaker, not the flask.

7. Measure the mass of the salt and iron.

8. Find out the percentage by salt=mass of salt/mass of the rock x100; iron=mass of iron/mass of the rock x100.

9. Write down the result and other information on your blog or somewhere you can present them.

The result was

The mass of the loromite: 26g

The mass of iron: 11g

Cement: 10g

Salt: 5g

Percentage of iron= 42%

Percentage of salt= 19%

I think there were quite a lot of errors during our experiment. The first one was that when we were filtering, we couldn’t filter all of the liquid because the cement and iron was stopping some liquid. The second error was that when we were measuring the mass of salt and iron, some iron were stuck on the filtering paper, and as I said above, some liquid wasn’t filtered so we couldn’t weigh the perfect amount of salt since the liquid will be the salt when it evaporates. The third error was that when we were smashing the loromite, the loromite scattered in various places. There were more errors but these were the three main errors.

I think we did okay for our experiment but I think we can improve our experiment by having less errors by overcoming our errors. However, I enjoyed the experiment and next time I would like to have the mass more accurate.

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