How does field studies relate with our significant concept?

Our Significant Concept is “Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”. We went to field studies, and our question was how does our significant concept relate with field studies.

I think, our significant concept relates to field studies because, when we say living, we don’t live with our room mates for a long time, but we stay in the same room, and sleep together for 5 days. Also, we share our stuff with all the people which stay in the same building. For example, the bath, the cafeteria and the bathroom. Also, for the activities, we broke into small groups, and worked together. When we were working, we shared ideas, waited for each other when we were hiking, helped each other’s problems etc… 

The first day we became in our groups, I think most of us didn’t know each other compared to the last day we worked together. Some people never talked to one, or two people in their groups. Also, we had some opportunities and challenges during the field studies. One of the opportunities was to play games with the teachers. After the activities, or the times between each activity, we played UNO with the teachers. This can help know more about teachers, and more about your classmates. Also, we had an opportunity to help the Matsumoto area, by painting the stage they use, and cover the old colour, so it will look new.

The challenges for me was to use English more because since I’m Japanese and I always hang out with my Japanese friends at school, I don’t use English at snack time or lunch time. However, at field studies, there was at least 1 teacher or staff at our table and they can’t speak Japanese, so we needed to try our best to use English.

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