Math games Activity

On October 15th, we went to the auditorium to do the 8th graders’ casino games for period 1 and 2. First we had 15 tokens to play the game. Our purpose was to do the games and see which class had the most tokens left after the games. It will be counted by the average number for the tokens each person has. There were 20~25 games. Each games had different rules, and the amount of tokens you pay and you get were all different. Some were easy to win, some were hard to win.

↑This is how the auditorium looked. As you can see, it was very crowded because there were lots of games and there were two grades. 6th grade and 7th grade.

↑This game was quite crowded because the possibility of winning was about 75%. The rule for this game was you pick a card from the pile and if you get a red card, you were able to roll the dice and there was a list for how many tokens you get to get with the number of dice. The list was:

5,6,7,8,9- 1 token

4,10- 2 tokens

3,11- 3 tokens

2,12- 4 tokens.

Most of the games used cards and dices, but there were some games that didn’t.


←This game used marbles

←This game used candies

←This game used pictures of toy ducks


There were rules on each table so each person can read the rules and decide if they want to play the game or not before they spend their tokens.

The games I played was the one you pick a card from a pile and pick the red card and roll the dice; picking the red marble; picking the red candy.

I thought some games were fair and some were not. The one which you pick the red car and roll the dice was fair because the possibility of getting at least 1 token was quite high. However picking the red marble one and picking the red candy wasn’t that fair because I think there were only 1 or 2 red marbles in the bag, and only about 3 or 4 red candies in the box. I made a profit for the red card one and the candy one. I did the red card one a few times and I mostly made a profit because the possibility of making a profit is quite high. When I did the candy game I think it was a miracle because when I saw the other people doing the game, most of the people lost. Also as I said above, there were more yellow, blue, green etc… candies more than the red candies. I did the marble one twice but I lost both times. I think I lost this because like the candy game, there were more blue marbles than the red marbles.

I learnt that when you spend your tokens, you need to check the rules and find out the ratio of making a profit and loosing otherwise, you will throw away all of your tokens.

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