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I think I should improve on looking forward of the music becasue I stopped quite a lot. Also, I think I need to improve on the rhythms and “Shan”. I think I need to improve on the rhythm becasue sometimes I become fast and then slow. Sometimes, the opposite. Additionally, I need to improve on the “Shan” because sometimes I hear the clicking sound and I sometimes mistake the string or take time to find the strings.

Reading Journal 131122

My book has a connection to the real world by having a play in the story. Also, one of the character’s name is William Shakespeare which is a name of an English poet,  playwrite and an actor. The ‘real’ Shakespeare was baptised on Baptised 26 April 1564 and died on 23 April 1616. He was 52 years old. However, we don’t know Shakespeare’s real birthday. He is famous becasue he influenced the world of literature through his inspiring writing,so he is known as the greatest writer of all time

Doctor Mime

7A Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think our mime was good, but however, I couldn’t stop laughing at the end part. Especially it looked weird when we tell the mom that the kid died because I shouldn’t laugh at that time because it is a very serious scene. Next time I want to be better at not laughing in serious scenes. I think our group was good at using space because when I saw the video, we were using the whole space. Also, when I came in, I came from the left side and we used the middle and especially compared to the last one, we used both front and back. Not only going to sides which is right, middle and left. I interacted with the nurse like she was quite in a low place which means that I am more in a higher rank than the nurse. For the mom and the child I acted politely and a bit sad at the end. As I mentioned before I think I can show my emotion and show my interaction if I did’t laugh. Our mime is believable because there are some times that someone’s heart stops but it starts moving again. However, I think it is also not believable because the doctors didn’t do anything at all but the child’s heart started to move again and also, maybe the doctor was wrong because maybe the child didn’t die. However, in real life doctors can’t say that someone is dead because first they check if they’re really dead and they have a machine to show if their alive or not when they think someone is in danger or gonna die.

Silent Movie Analysis

The girl:

Action/Gestures- She moved her legs in circles, Put the letter on her chest, Looked up, Kissed the letter

Facial Expressions- Happy, Scary, Shy

Postures- Straight, Sometimes her posture faced a bit to the ground, put her hands on her hips and on the wall

The father:

Action/Gestures: Snatched the girl’s (his daughter) letter, read it, told his daughter to go in the house.

Facial Expressions- Angry, Surprised, Unexceptable

Postures- put his hands on her hips and near the door, leaned a bit back,

Background Story- The boy and the girl live across but there is a wall between their houses. They are writing a letter to each other and passing it through the hole. However, the parents don’t want to have them together.

I can use the facial expression confused, serious and sad in my mime because I will be confused if I don’t know what to do, and serious/sad when I’m telling something not is a good news. The gestures I can use is maybe hand gestures when I’m describing the child’s sickness.



ART Reflection

The process of the visual journal was to reflect each day and draw/ write what we did in our visual journals. We had different kinds of equipments. For example, colour pencils and water paint. We had time to work on our journals each time.

The skills/ techniques I learned in class which I used in my journal was the realistic drawing. Also, I used lines in my drawings. Realistic drawing is a skill to draw your drawing 3D and looks how it really looks.

In a different assignment, I would like to try using the skill of contour drawing because it is easy to use and also it is quite cool when you don’t have the details in the inside of the shadows of the people etc… However, you are able to tell what you drew and what that thing is because you can tell what the shadow looks like.

It was challenging because the amount of time you were able to spend on your visual journals was limited and also, you can’t really plan because you need to start drawing and writing. Also, I didn’t really use the pencil in my drawings and the writings so I couldn’t erase what I did on the paper.

If I am going to do the exact same assessment, I will try to cover the white space more and make it more like a collage. I will have more details in my writing too!

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Math: Estimating Distances

Before we went to Marine Tower, we estimated the distance from Marine Tower to:

When we got to marine tower, there were answers for the distance of Marine Tower to:

  • Mount Fuji
  • Tokyo Skytree

When we found out the answers, we found out the difference between our estimate and the correct answers.

My prediction was:

  • Mount Fuji- 2000km
  • Motomachi Arch- 1km
  • top of Tokyo Skytree- 110km
  • top of Yokohama Ferris wheel- 12km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 10km
  • YCAC- 20km
  • YIS- 2km
  • The horizon- 475km

The correct answer was:

  • Mount fuji- 84km
  • Tokyo Skytree- 32km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 900m

The other distances I got that wasn’t on the list was:

I re-estimated the places that weren’t on the list. My new estimate was:

  • Motomachi Arch- 300m
  • YIS- 550m
  • YCAC- 3.5km
  • The horizon- 40km
  • top of Yokohama Ferris wheel- 2km

The difference of my estimate and the actual distance was very different because I didn’t know how long was 1km, so I thought Motomachi to Marine Tower was 1km but it was actually 300m (with my re-estimated distance). I thought that Mt. Fuji to Marine Tower but 2000km bue it was actually 84km. You can see that the length of 1km I thought was a very short distance.

I thought the estimated distance of Marine Tower to YIS, The horizon, YCAC and the top of the ferris wheel changed a lot comapred to the first estimate and the second estimate because When I got to the top of the Marine Tower, I got the answer for the Forerign cemetery, and the Foreign cemetery is quite close to YIS. Also, when I went to the top of the Marine Tower, my idea for the distance for “1km” changed since 1.2km was quite long when I saw the red brick ware house from the observation deck.