Math: Estimating Distances

Before we went to Marine Tower, we estimated the distance from Marine Tower to:

When we got to marine tower, there were answers for the distance of Marine Tower to:

  • Mount Fuji
  • Tokyo Skytree

When we found out the answers, we found out the difference between our estimate and the correct answers.

My prediction was:

  • Mount Fuji- 2000km
  • Motomachi Arch- 1km
  • top of Tokyo Skytree- 110km
  • top of Yokohama Ferris wheel- 12km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 10km
  • YCAC- 20km
  • YIS- 2km
  • The horizon- 475km

The correct answer was:

  • Mount fuji- 84km
  • Tokyo Skytree- 32km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 900m

The other distances I got that wasn’t on the list was:

I re-estimated the places that weren’t on the list. My new estimate was:

  • Motomachi Arch- 300m
  • YIS- 550m
  • YCAC- 3.5km
  • The horizon- 40km
  • top of Yokohama Ferris wheel- 2km

The difference of my estimate and the actual distance was very different because I didn’t know how long was 1km, so I thought Motomachi to Marine Tower was 1km but it was actually 300m (with my re-estimated distance). I thought that Mt. Fuji to Marine Tower but 2000km bue it was actually 84km. You can see that the length of 1km I thought was a very short distance.

I thought the estimated distance of Marine Tower to YIS, The horizon, YCAC and the top of the ferris wheel changed a lot comapred to the first estimate and the second estimate because When I got to the top of the Marine Tower, I got the answer for the Forerign cemetery, and the Foreign cemetery is quite close to YIS. Also, when I went to the top of the Marine Tower, my idea for the distance for “1km” changed since 1.2km was quite long when I saw the red brick ware house from the observation deck.

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