ART Reflection

The process of the visual journal was to reflect each day and draw/ write what we did in our visual journals. We had different kinds of equipments. For example, colour pencils and water paint. We had time to work on our journals each time.

The skills/ techniques I learned in class which I used in my journal was the realistic drawing. Also, I used lines in my drawings. Realistic drawing is a skill to draw your drawing 3D and looks how it really looks.

In a different assignment, I would like to try using the skill of contour drawing because it is easy to use and also it is quite cool when you don’t have the details in the inside of the shadows of the people etc… However, you are able to tell what you drew and what that thing is because you can tell what the shadow looks like.

It was challenging because the amount of time you were able to spend on your visual journals was limited and also, you can’t really plan because you need to start drawing and writing. Also, I didn’t really use the pencil in my drawings and the writings so I couldn’t erase what I did on the paper.

If I am going to do the exact same assessment, I will try to cover the white space more and make it more like a collage. I will have more details in my writing too!

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