Visual Art: Reflection on Park Illustration

The drawing

First, we went to the minato no mieru oka park to choose a place to draw. Then, we drew the outlines witha sharpie of the place we chose to draw. After we finished, we colored in our drawings. Before that, we learned 10 skills of water color paints. For example, salt which is a skill that you put the salt in wet paint and you dry it at the same time. We used color pencils too.

Before the last period, we checked each other’s work to give feedback. Ro, who checked mine gave me some feedback to tell me what I should do to make the painting better. One of that was to add more colors and strategies. When I got his feedback, I used different types of green for the tree and different types of yellow/brown/orange for the ground.

If I had more time, I think I was able to finish my painting. However, I think I could have made my painting more better if I had more shadows in it. Also, if I made the outlines more simple, I think it didn’t make the painting confusing so I could have painted more easily and spend more time on it. Even though, my painting had lots of lines, I think that was one of my good points too because it showed detail.

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