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Relationship between Journey to Jo’burg and during Apartheid

Our unit question was “What is the realtionship between texts and the real world?” In Grade 7 English we have just read Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo. Beofre reading the novel I researched and wrote a magazine article on Soweto Uprising. We are exploring the realtionships between texts and the real world and we found many connections between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid. This is my magazine.


During Apartheid, blacks and whites were discriminated. Blacks and whites weren’t allowed to use the same bathrooms, plates, doors etc… Also, when blacks were trying to change the world, most of them wnet to prison since whites had more rights.

In this book, some main points of apartheid was written with made-up characters. For example, blacks weren’t allowed to go on the same busses as the whites. They couldn’t go on the same busses as the whites even though their bus was full. The soweto uprising was also included in the text. It didn’t say ‘Soweto Uprising’ however, it said ‘black students were marching to protest that their schools taught them only what the white government wanted them to know.’download

Finally, this book is about a brother and his siter having a journey to where their mom works/lives to tell that their baby sister is sick. I don’t know if this was a real story but how the author writes about the journey really sounds like apartheid since the author grew under it. The way she expresses the differences between the attitudes of blacks and whites are written as a fact. Which means this book is a fiction book based on a non-fiction story.

My Reflection of Semester 1 Math

(I can’t really remember all the things we did so I will reflect what we did from the posts on  my blog)

First, we learned about venn diagrams. I really liked making our original venn diagrams because we were allowed to do our venn diagrams mostly on any topic. Some people did crazy topics and some people just did their favorite artists, games, subject etc… Also in this unit, we made a video about our original story using venn diagrams.

Second thing we learned is about possibility. For this unit, we went to the auditorium and played games the 8th graders thought of. We needed to think of the possibility to win the game because the most class that had the most tokens won the game. The class that won was 7B.

The third thing we learned about was measuring distances. During this unit, we learned the pythagorean theorem. For the final task, we estimated the distance from marine tower and some places that is quite famous in Japan. Then, went to marine tower and checked the correct answer and we re-estimated the distances for the ones which didn’t have answers.

Finally, we learned about percentages. The first thing we did in this unit was we needed to write a blog post about percentages. The most hardest thing that was when writing the blog post was that I couldn’t write what I was thinking about because some ideas were quite hard to write in words.

The most thing I enjoyed in Semester 1 was making our original venn diagrams. I liked it because my topic, which was the types of games, was hard to find the common thing between each thing. Also, the other one I made which is about my classmates’ personalities, I had 3 sections. Athletic, Artistic and Intelligent. I didn’t know who was intelligent because some people weren’t in my class in the past so I didn’t really know if they were intelligent or not. Even though I didn’t know, I picked the people who were intelligent or not by if they looked intelligent or not.

I didn’t enjoy making the venn diagram video because I didn’t know what to say in the video. When I mean I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how to explain some slides and also I couldn’t really speak how venn diagrams work.

The work I am most proud of is the blog post about estimating the distance from Marine Tower. I am proud of this because I think I had detail on my blog post and added the links to the places if there is one.

For this semester, I want to improve to write details and read the questions more carefully so I can get good grades. Also I want to make sure that I go back my work before I give it to the teacher so I can find places that I can improve more on!