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Data 1:

Q: Howmany instruments can you play? A: 2,2,1,1,0,4,0,4,3,0,5,3,1,0,1,1,2,2,3,3

The range is 5

The mean is 1.9

The median is 2

The mode is 1

I collected the data by asking all the people in my class and also chatted 3 people of my friends. The question were supposed to be answered in numbers so it was easy.

I made the data into a pie chart so it is quite easy to see the amount of each number:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 2.59.01 PM


I found out the range by subtracting the smallest number to the biggest number. In my data, the biggest number was 5 and the smalles number was 0. Then it will be 5-0 which is 5.

I found out the mean by adding all the numbers and dividing it by the amount of data I have. In my case, the total of all the number was 38 and I surveyed 20 people so it was 38/20 which became 1.9.

I found out the median by sorting out all the numbers by order. It became like this: Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 3.02.15 PMThen, I crossed out the numbers from both sides one at a time and found the middle number. Since, I had 20 people, it is an even number. Even number has 2 middle numbers so you add the 2 numbers and divide it by 2. My middle number was 2 and 2 so it makes 4 and I divided 4 by 2 and it became 2.

I found out the mode using the numbers in order (Picture in the median part) and I counted each number and there was 4 zeros, 5 ones, 4 twos, 4 threes, 2 fours and 1 five. Which makes 1 the mode since there are the more ones than any other numbers.

My result mean that as an average, a person can play 2 instruments. However, different people can play different amount of instruments!

Fair game: Grade 7 technology

In this unit, we worked on making a theme park with minecraft. My group member was me, Amira, Henri and Dan. Our group’s theme of our theme park was “Geeky Gamers”. Our roles in our group was Amira the leader, Henri the creative person, Dan the peacemaker and I the follower. First I was the leader but we changed the roles. This was our second unit in Technology class. Out unit question was “What does cooperation and collaboration look like?”

This is our design specification:

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.19.01 AM


For the theme, I think our theme park had the essence of geeky gamers because our attraction was based on different games and the restaurant also looked like a restaurant for gamers. I think it also attracts gamers because each attraction looks interesting and is completely different. The restaurant is also cool because it looks like a restaurant FOR gamers. Which also means that our theme park doesn’t have anything that doesn’t relate to games. This is the restaurant. 2014-05-29_22.09.49 Our essential statement for general was “Attracts all people of all ages and is appropriate for all ages too.” In our theme park there is an attraction based on mario kart. Mario Kart is for small children. The attractions for older children and adults are the maze and the shooting game. Any age can enjoy the restaurant. As we look at the attractions in our theme park, we can see that it is appropriate and attracts all ages of people. The must not statement was ” Must not be too violent or graphic or inappropriate.” I think all the attractions are not too violent nor graphic nor inappropriate. The must statement which is the essential statement for function is “We need to have our amusement park with walls around it, so that no can get in the theme park without “paying”.” In our area, there are walls around it so no one can come without paying. This is the wall around our theme park: 2014-05-30_09.39.06 Our must not statement is “We must not have each attraction close to each other.” Our attraction isn’t close to each other since there is some spaces between each other.” Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.42.00 AM The essential statement for quality is “Everybody should work on it around 25 mins per day or just 3 hours in total. You must make it until it finished by yourself.” Everyone finished their own. I can’t tell if everyone worked on it around 3 hours in total, however I did. The must not is “It must not be unfinished or poorly done.” As I said above, we all finished our attraction. Finally, the essential statement for aesthetics is “Each attraction has to have a name on the building”. Me and Henri didn’t have the names of the attraction so we didn’t fit this statement. However, Amira and Dan has. This one is Amira’s:2014-05-29_22.09.17 Dan’s one is the restaurant and there is the screenshot above↑. The must not is “It must not have boring appearance” I think every attraction doesn’t have boring appearance. My attraction has different images on the side. 2014-05-16_09.23.53 2014-05-16_09.24.06 2014-05-16_09.24.21


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Our target market was all ages. We asked Ms. Rude who is our tech teacher, a 12th grader and Emma which is my sister. We took a survey having 5 questions using the must statements for Quality, Theme, Function, General and Aesthetics. From the answers of the survey, it showed that we needed to work on having the signs of the attractions and showing that we need to pay to go in the theme park. This is the survey and the answers: Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.55.49 AM The number is the scale from 1 to 5. 1 meaning It doesn’t fit the question and 5 meaning it definitely meets the question.

One of the steps, we did during the design stage was thinking and designing our theme park. We didn’t know that it was designing the theme park so we designed our own attractions. This was our failure during the design stage. However, I think I did well on designing my own attracion. Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.04.10 AM During the plan stage, we wrote a plan using the table that looks like this:  Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.07.18 AM I think I did well on writing the steps but I could have done better on writing the steps with detail. The create stage was making the theme park. I think I did well on making my attraction. However, I could have made it better by having the sign. Also, at the start of this project, we were planning on using the enderman for the mobs that we’re gonna kill but I didn’t know about the enderman so after I made it, Amira told me that Enderman can transport. Therefore, I changed the enderman to zombies and pigmen.

I personally enjoyed this unit especially the creating part. As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, I was the leader at first but I became a follower. The reason was that I didn’t really talk and I couldn’t act like a leader so our group changed the roles. However, when I became a follower, I started to talk more and acted as a follower. I think I was a good follower and I think I am good at being a follower than the other roles. I think our group worked well and we had about the equal amount of work. We were able to cooperate in most of the activities. Sometimes we changed roles too because when creating, Dan knows more about minecraft than the other members. I wouldn’t pick another role next time because I enjoy being the follower and I think it suits me the most.