June 2014 archive

Science Fair Reflection

Our group’s question was “How does the heart rate change with ages of people with exercise?”. This question was quite easy to come up because there was a website which had ideas of questions. Me and my partner both like sports so we went to the sports section and there was a question about heart rate at the start of the section.

The procedure and the documentation was helpful because there were questions we were supposed to answer and those questions helped us research and get the results of our question.

I think I worked well individually because I answered the question on the document alone and me and my partner had each part so we can divide the work equally and I did my part well!

Next time, I would use a poster because when I was talking in the video, I couldn’t really hear my voice clearly. Also next time I would do it individually and I want the experiment to be the one I can work by myself.

I learned that conducting scientific investigations is quite hard and there are lots of errors we need to face too. Which also means that before we start the investigation, we need to plan well so we won’t have that many errors.

Finishing Our Work

My teacher is Mr. Fedley and I’m in 7A.

This year, we learned about:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.06.49 AM


The first unit was Sets & Logic. We learned about equations using sets. We learned about how to use “()” too. It was sometimes confusing. The second unit was about the pythagoreas theorem. However, I knew the pythagoreas theorem so it wasn’t that hard. The last unit for the second semester which is statistics isn’t hard but it is very tiresome.

For the sets unit, we had an assessment with icecreams. The document looked like this: Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.20.18 AM When I was doing this, I wanted to eat ice cream XD! For the pythagoreas theorem unit, our assessment was about triangles.

I enjoyed learning about percentages and ratios because it was quite easy compared to the other units.

The most challenging thing was the exam. Since the exam is an important test and it affects the grade, I needed to try my best and the questions were quite hard.

Next year, I want to focus on my skills and try difficult problems and units.

Spring Concert / Chu Chu Reflection

I think practicing by myself worked for me the best to learn the music and learn how to play it. This didn’t work sometimes because sometimes I forgot the speed so I didn’t know which tempo I should use to remember the music. When practicing at home, it was easier to practice because I was able to play the koto at my own pace and no one distracted me. It was easy to notice if I mistaked or not. However, it was also hard because I was playing at my own speed so when we practiced with a group sometimes, it we were playing it in a different speed. Also it was hard to match koto 2 (which is my part) to koto 1.

I learned that practicing and playing a music piece as an ensemble needed a lot of practice. It was very hard and I thought each person had some kind of pressure. Each person had a responsibility to be able to play the piece and memorize it. We needed to help each other sometimes but sometimes we needed individual time to practice since each person was on a different level. In the future, before playing it, we should get the music and learn the music a little before we start playing. Also, some people didn’t memorize it completely or memorized it but wasn’t able to play it completely so we should work on that more.

I think I did okay during the performance however, I mistaked a few times. I think it was because of pressure from the audience and also I didn’t memorize it completely. I memorized it at class but I forgot it at the performance. In the future performances I thought I should be able to play the music completely when having pressure. I didn’t really gain anything but the music ChuChu was the first music we memorized as a 7th grader so I thought it is important to memorize the music earlier then a month before the performance. Overall, I was nervous before and during the performance but I thought I did a good job and I really enjoyed it!