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Yume no Wa Practice 11-25-2014

I chose to practice the first part (0:04~0:24) because there are two other places that have the same pattern as this part but with a different note. I sometimes mess up with the notes so I wanted to make sure that I can play this part completely well. If I practice this part, there are more chances to not make a mistake with the other two parts with the same pattern.

I chose to practice the second part (0:25~0:45) because it is the very last pattern of this piece. It is also the part that has the same pattern with the first part in this video. I wanted to make sure that I can play both parts smoothly, so I won’t make mistakes at the last part of the piece.

Overall, I think I was able to achieve my goal, and my task write now is to memorise the piece completely. To achieve this, I need to practice a lot and also look at the music many times until I remember it.

Gapminder project, part 1: Brainstorming

The two countries I chose are France and Myanmar. The two countries are geographically placed in different continents. France is placed in Europe, and Myanmar is placed in Asia. The impression I had to France is that it is really developed and really wealthy. However, the impression I had to Myanmar was quite the opposite to France.

From the research I did on gapminder, compared to France, Myanmar had higher amount of:

  • Birth Rate
  • Infant Mortality Rate

In the past, Myanmar had higher population growth, and fertility rate but now, Myanmar has the same amount of population growth and fertility rate as France.

France had higher amount of:

  • GDP
  • Life Expectancy
  • Literacy Rate
  • HDI

From the results, we can see that Myanmar’s population is growing more than France. At the same time, Myanmar has a problem on medication becasue there are many infants dying. In contrast, France is wealthier and more healthier. Also, we can see that people in France are more educated than Myanmar. I think the HDI is one of the factors that can measure development effectively because it is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education and income indices. Overall, we can tell that France is more developed than Myanmar.




Responding to “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio

I read the book “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio. This book is the first book I read this year.

School, Vernon Barford. "Wonder." Flickr. Yahoo!, 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

School, Vernon Barford. “Wonder.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

The protagonist, August looks different to other people. He begins to go to a normal school. This book gives many important messages on different topics such as friendship, family, and sickness.

The central theme for this book is to act friendly with anyone including people with handicapped people.

The symbols in this book are Jack, Summer, Julian, and Olivia. Jack and Summer both symbolizes friendship. Julian symbolizes enmity. Olivia symbolizes love.

This book can be impressed. There were different kinds of events that can be divided into various themes. For example, bullying, friendship, and love. I think that people who read this book will see people, and things from different perspectives. This book doesn’t tell the exact face of August, but we can tell that he looks really ill by how he describes himself. It made me think how August felt during the time he was at school, and how we felt being with his friends/people that hate him. I felt really sad by thinking how people with sickness can be seen from normal people in bad ways. The author made me feel this way by having different characters in different relationships with the main character. He also wrote chapters with different perspectives by writing some chapters with the progatonist being the characters other than August.


Yume no Wa Practice 11-12-2014

I chose to practice the first part (0:04~0:30) because I think it is a very important part since it’s the pattern at the very last. Also there are going to be two parts for each koto which makes it 6 parts in total. There are only 3 people playing this part so if one person makes a mistake, it will give a quite big damage to the piece. I was able to play it smoothly at the end.

I chose to practice the second part (0:31~0:53) because the transition between the first pattern which ends with 四、九、九 and the second pattern which starts with 五、ヲ九 is really hard for me. I think it is hard for me because I play the last 九 for the first pattern with my left hand and then I need to quickly bring my left hand so that I can press the 九 in the second pattern. I need to do this really quickly.

Overall, I think I used my time wisely so that I can play some parts that I needed more practice. Since I didn’t practice the koto for a while I thought that I should practice more so that I can be ready for the winter concert. I also need to memorise my piece.

Field Studies

The most challenging activity during field studies was geocaching. I thought geocaching was the most challenging activity because it was hard to find the object we were supposed to find. Also, we needed to walk so I got really tired during the activity.


The bridge during geocaching

The bridge during geocaching

What helped me during these challenges were peers who had ideas of places to find the objects and talk to. Also, listening to music made me forget the tiredness.

I learned that whenever I face a challenge, I can talk to my peers or someone I can ask things and discuss things. I thought that if I talk with people, I can look at different things in different perspectives and also get more options than thinking by myself.