Yume no Wa Practice 11-12-2014

I chose to practice the first part (0:04~0:30) because I think it is a very important part since it’s the pattern at the very last. Also there are going to be two parts for each koto which makes it 6 parts in total. There are only 3 people playing this part so if one person makes a mistake, it will give a quite big damage to the piece. I was able to play it smoothly at the end.

I chose to practice the second part (0:31~0:53) because the transition between the first pattern which ends with 四、九、九 and the second pattern which starts with 五、ヲ九 is really hard for me. I think it is hard for me because I play the last 九 for the first pattern with my left hand and then I need to quickly bring my left hand so that I can press the 九 in the second pattern. I need to do this really quickly.

Overall, I think I used my time wisely so that I can play some parts that I needed more practice. Since I didn’t practice the koto for a while I thought that I should practice more so that I can be ready for the winter concert. I also need to memorise my piece.

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