Yume no Wa Practice 11-25-2014

I chose to practice the first part (0:04~0:24) because there are two other places that have the same pattern as this part but with a different note. I sometimes mess up with the notes so I wanted to make sure that I can play this part completely well. If I practice this part, there are more chances to not make a mistake with the other two parts with the same pattern.

I chose to practice the second part (0:25~0:45) because it is the very last pattern of this piece. It is also the part that has the same pattern with the first part in this video. I wanted to make sure that I can play both parts smoothly, so I won’t make mistakes at the last part of the piece.

Overall, I think I was able to achieve my goal, and my task write now is to memorise the piece completely. To achieve this, I need to practice a lot and also look at the music many times until I remember it.

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