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Concert Reflection

Things I found challenging was to memorize the piece. Also few weeks before the concert, I was focusing more on the last part of the piece and didn’t practice the first parts so I sometimes forgot those parts. I overcame these problems by playing the whole piece many times the week before the concert.

I think the peformance was quite good and I think it was the best performance overall. However, I think we did speed up in the middle a little bit. Personally, I forgot to place my hands on the koto before playing, but I remembered at the last second and made it in time to be able to play the first note.

Next time, I think I will practice more and also I would make sure that my tsume is on really tightly so that it won’t fall off. Eventhough, my tsume didn’t fall off in the performance, I felt that it was going to so I want to be careful with that.

Volunteers preparing for life on Mars

The three words are aeronautics, barren, and compost. Aeronautics is the technology of flights. Barren is a land with no plantation. Compost is a mixture of corrupted organic matter that contains nutrients to grow plants.

The main idea of this article is about six people spending eight months in a special habitat that is similar to Mars.

NASA is going to send astronauts to Mars in the 2030s as the earliest and are going to have missions that take more than two years. To prepare for this, they need to know how people will react when living a long time in an isolated place with a small group. The crew will live in a two-story domed shape building and communicate by email which will have a 20 minute delay for receiving. This is because it will take 20 minutes to receive an e-mail in Mars. When the crew need to go outside of the dome, they need to wear spacesuits.

By having this experiment, we can see if it is possible that human can go to Mars for a long period of time. This experiment isn’t actually held at Mars, so if the crew can’t live in this special habitat, it is impossible for humans to live in Mars for two years. Also, in this experiment there will be an emergency phone, but if an emergency occur in Mars, they won’t be able to contact Earth quickly because all communication between Mars and Earth will be going through satellites. In maximum, it can take 22 minutes for the information to reach.

This experiment beneficial because NASA will get the result of the possibility of people being able to live in Mars for a long time. If the crew was able to live the eight months, people will be able to go to Mars and do missions that aren’t possible currently to earn many kinds of data. From these datas, scientists can invent things that are impossible to make now or conceive something they didn’t think about in the past.


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Yume no Wa Practice Final

I am working on this part by using the metronome sometimes and playing it in a certain rhythm. Also, I seperate the parts into small parts and focus on each part. Until the concert, I will practice the piece and make sure I can play it smoothly without making mistakes.