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Reflection on Warabe Uta

On October 16th, we had our concert at BankART Studio. Us, 9th graders performed a piece called “Warabe Uta” by Yuize Shinichi. We spent two months practicing this piece. For the first week, I only relied on the practices during class time, however, from the second week I started practicing at home as well. For the last two weeks, we all went to practice in the morning.

YIS HS Koto Ensemble at BankART Studio 2015

The challenges I had were mainly the sukui, and also matching my part with the other parts. There were many sukuis especially in the second part (Children in Ainu) which we had to play in a fast tempo, which made it way more harder. It was really hard to match with the other parts when the tempo increased at the second last page. At this part, I also had a part where I had to press the string which made my hand hurt, and also difficult to listen to the other part.

To overcome these challenges, for the sukui, I practiced a lot at my house. I practiced the areas with sukui at least once a week. For matching the other parts, I listened to the recordings either on youtube or the ones we took during class. I listened to those recordings during my practice and tried to match it with my part. I also sang the melody with my sister at my house sometimes so that we were able to remember the piece at the same time.

As a member of the group, I learned how important it is to discuss about the piece. As we were getting closer to the concert, we all gave ideas of how the tempo should be, and also how we should make some parts softer and some parts louder. By giving ideas, I think we all participated in making the piece better which leaded us to have a great performance on the day! Overall, I think we had a fantastic performance, and we all did our best to finish the first performance as the 9th grade koto crew.