December 2015 archive

Process/Practice Journal assessment (First part)

For the first part, my goal is to remember the pattern and then being able to play the part in the correct rhythm and tempo. Right now, since I’m looking at the music, and also don’t know which string to play, I sometimes get the rhythm mixed up. I will use a metronome when practicing, which makes me play the music in the correct tempo. Also, I will try to practice many times during the break so that I can play the part without looking at the strings.

For the second part, my goal is to play the 八 and the 斗 in a consistent speed. I tend to rush when playing the part which makes the transition between the 八 and the 斗 being more faster at the end of the part compared to at the start of the part. If I continue doing this, I won’t be able to finish playing the part as the same time as my classmates. To improve this part, I think the only way is to practice by using the metronome so that I can listen to the beat I play the string for each time.

Finally, for the last part, my goal is to play the part without misplaying the strings. Currently, I mistake a lot by playing the wrong strings. As an example, from the transition between 五為 and 八十, instead of playing the 八, I sometimes play the 七 since there is one string between 十 and 為, and I forget that there are two strings to skip for my right hand. To improve this part, preferentially, I will practice many times to make my body remember the hand movements. Then, I will practice from the start of page 4, which starts off with a similar pattern. By playing it from the start of the page, I think it would make the flow while playing the piece better, and it will also help me practice the transition between the two patterns, and also memorise the amount of times each pattern will be repeated.

For all parts, I will listen to the recording many times to remember the tempo, and how it should sound like, which will help me play the piece even more better.