January 2016 archive

Process/Practice Journal Assessment (Second part)

For the first part, my goal was to remember the pattern and then being able to play the part in the correct rhythm and tempo. I have achieved this goal since I memorised the pattern for this part which includes the tempo, rhythm, and the notes used. I have achieved this goal by using the metronome while practicing, and also listening to the recording. Also when I had times when I could practice for a long time, I first practiced playing the part slowly so that I could get the rhythm and the notes right, and gradually I started playing faster to match the tempo we played during class. One thing I could have done better to improve on this part was to play the whole part 3 from the start to the end so that the transition between the section before and the section after would have improved during the break as well.

For the second part, my goal was to play the 八 and the 斗 in a consistent speed. I think I was close to achieving this goal but didn’t achieve it completely because when the right hand comes in, sometimes the tempo is inconsistent and it gets faster and then back to the normal tempo again. While working on this part, I used the metronome so that I can know if I’m a little off of the tempo or not. I also listened to the metronome when I wasn’t playing the koto too so that my mind can remember the tempo. To have practiced more effectively, I also could have practiced the right hand and the left hand separately and then playing both hands together so that the tempo for each hand would have been more clear in my mind and wouldn’t mixed up while playing.

Finally, for the third part, my goal was to play the part without misplaying the strings. I did achieve this goal since now I can play the part without looking at the music, and playing it smoothly in the correct tempo without making mistakes. My practice strategy for this part was to play the piece many times which was the only way I could think of to make my hands remember the distance between the strings. By my hands the remembering the distance of the strings, I can know how much I have to move my hands so that I play the correct strings. During the break, the longest time I played this part was for 20 minutes continuously, which made me able to remember the length of the gap between the strings. One improvement for the practice of this part was that I could have practiced with my eyes closed so that I could play the part without making sure if I’m playing the right string with my eyes, which makes me get confused sometimes since I sometimes miscount the strings I play.

Overall, I think I have practiced effectively during the break and currently satisfied of my achievement of the goals. If we have a similar assessment to this in the future, I will consider of making myself setting a higher and a more detailed goal so that I would get more motivation to practice.