March 2016 archive

Alma Performance Reflection

The areas I focused when practicing were playing the piece in a consistent tempo without rushing, and also being able to listen to the other part while playing the piece so that I can notice if my part isn’t matching with the other part. Two months before the concert, I gradually rushed throughout each part of the piece most of the time. However, at the concert, I was able to play the piece in a steady speed and when I looked at the video of the actual performance, I thought that our group was nearly perfect in terms of the consistence of the tempo and not getting faster nor slower. Also, when we started to play the piece without the music, listening to the other members who were in the same part as me was the best I could do so that I wouldn’t be off the rhythm. But before three weeks before the concert, I gradually was able to listen to the sound of the other part as well as the sound of the others in my part, which made it way more easier for me to play in sync with the other members. To prepare, I used the metronome and the recording a lot. Listening to the metronome was the most effective way on working on the two goals because it helped me to remember the tempo, and also building up the skill to listen to something else while playing an instrument.

Next time, I think I will prepare better by memorising the piece in an earlier stage. For this performance, I memorised the piece two or three weeks before the concert and this made me a little anxious because I didn’t have much practice without looking at the piece. Therefore, I will try to memorise the piece at least a month before the concert which will help me become more confident and relaxed in mind.

While preparing for the concert, I think we shared more ideas to each other regarding to the piece compared to the previous concert. This helped us gain more affection to the piece and also learn more about the piece since some people noticed what the others didn’t notice. In terms of practice, we all had the same thoughts on the parts we had to practice the most, so this helped us practice more efficiently since no one had to waste time practicing the part they felt confident about. As a conclusion, in the concert, no one made a huge mistake and all parts ended perfectly without any problems such as one part ending before another. We were also able to adjust the timing if one of us were a bit off tempo and helped each other if one of us forgot the count. If I had to give one improvement, that would be to practice so that we don’t play the strings which we shouldn’t even if the tempo is fast. This is because in part 4, whenever we play the continuous 八 & 斗, one of us played the wrong string at least once. Therefore, I think we should improve on that if we’re going to play this piece again.

Individually, I think I did the best I could and had the least amount of mistakes ever. I did meet my expectations and was proud of both myself and the group after the performance. I think the performance went well then I thought it would since each part ended as the way we wanted it to end and I was able to play the piece in a steady tempo. If I was going to point out one thing I will work on next time, it will be that I won’t have any mistakes since I mistook two or three times in this concert.

Link to performance!!!