This bud of interest, May produce interest to our forbidden love

    Photo of Juliet taken on her birthday

Juliet, the only daughter of the Capulets, has turned into a teenager just a few days ago. How will she spend her teenaged times being the child of an aristocratic family? The girl who is in the border of immaturity and maturity spoke to us about what is in her mind right now.

It has been a few days since you became a teenager. What are the things you want to do as a teenager?

First of all, I want to do the things I couldn’t do in the past such as shopping alone or cooking food for myself. Also, I want to have time to spend on my own. Since I was a baby, my nurse was around me at all times. Therefore, I want to have some freedom and want to challenge myself so that I can be a more responsible person.

If you could be reborn, do you still want to be born as the child of an aristocratic family or not?

I would prefer not being the child of an aristocratic family. This is because by spending my life as the daughter of an aristocratic family, I know that I don’t have much freedom and have to always act so carefully that I don’t bring disgrace on my family’s name.

What do you think about the relationship between your family and the Montague?

Well, I think that the relationship isn’t anywhere in the area where we can say it is good. It is true that my parents and the heads of the Montague are not happy to see each other. However, I think there is a possibility that the relationship will get better in the future, and I am hoping that a day when the two families greet each other with a smile will come.

Head of Capulet and Head of Montague

Head of Capulet and Head of Montague

I’ve heard that you’re in love with Romeo from the Montague family. What is so special about him?

First of all, the most special thing about him is that he shows his love towards me clearly. This makes me feel relieved, and I can feel his sincere love. Since my parents prioritised work and their relationships with the world over me, the point that he prioritises me over everything else made me feel special for the first time in my life. To summarise, I think every action he takes makes me feel loved and special.

How has your impression towards a Montague change by dating Romeo?

Before dating Romeo, I thought of a Montague as a group of people who are very scary, and shouldn’t be close to. I also thought that I will never have an opportunity of having a good relationship with someone from the Montague. Now I think of Montague as a group who has some grudge to us, the Capulets, but as individuals, they all have a good personality.

Do your family members know about the relationship between you two? If so, how did they react? If they don’t know yet, how do you think they will react?

I think they don’t know about it because we haven’t told them personally, and they haven’t seen us being together as well. They will definitely scold me to the point that they’ll make me have an arranged marriage with another man. Even though that happens, I will fight back and definitely won’t accept it. I will go to my nurse to ask for help as well since I believe that she will be on my side.

How would you describe the presence of your nurse?

She is the only person who I can speak to honestly. Since she is the person who spends most of the time with me, I feel that she is like a big sister to me. I am always thankful towards her, but I sometimes feel sorry because she doesn’t have time to spend for herself.

What are your future plans with Romeo?

What I can say right now is that I won’t meet anyone who I will love more than Romeo in the future. Therefore, as a final goal, I want to marry Romeo and have children between us. However, I want to know more about him before getting married by spending a lot of time with him.

What advice would you give someone who is also in a forbidden love?

I will tell them to be strong! Don’t give up on your love just because someone tells you to stop or because you’re scared that someone who is important to you will end the relationship between you. Also, I will tell them that a time will come when everyone will acknowledge your relationship because that is what I currently believe in.





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