November 2017 archive

Gin Chiku Center Visit Reflection

On October 6th, I went to the Chiku center in order to help the homeless community by preparing the ingredients for the food that will be distributed to the homeless. There were at least thirty homeless people in the area. Most of my job that day was to wash the vegetables. Some people from our school were in charge of cutting the vegetables. The vegetables we prepared were then used to cook the lunch for the homeless people. After the collapse of the bubble economy, many people lost their jobs, increasing the number of homeless in Japan. Therefore, the action I took helped at least some of the homeless to live and also provide a heart-warming environment where the homeless could feel the kindness of the people around them. While helping, I was also able to talk with the volunteers as well as the actual homeless which helped me increase the knowledge about the homeless people themselves as well as the different actions Japanese people take to help the homeless.

Also, on food fair (November 5th), the GIN group had a booth to spread awareness of the homeless people in Japan. We prepared posters, presentations and a small scavenger hunt activity so that our audience can learn about the homeless without being bored. It is important to share what we do to help the homeless since the whole problem regarding homeless people is not a major problem in Japan but one of the problems that must be solved in order to create a better living environment.