6th grade



My first goal is Don’t forget anything at school. I think this goal is important to me because I forget something at school at least twice a year, and most of time, I can’t find it. If I achieve this goal, I can be organised, and bring everything that is neeeded to each class.

I think I can achieve this goal by March if I:

  • Check that everything is in my bag.
  • Leave things in locker when I don’t need it.
  • Do not bring anything from home that is not needed in school.
  • Check the weight of the bag after school ends.

My second goal is Finish homework faster than the due date. I think this is a good goal to achieve for me because if I don’t finish my homework until the day before the due date, I rush on my homework and it will be messy, or disorganised. The benefits for me achieving this goal is that I can make the homework neat. Also,  there will be time to check for mistakes.

I think I can achieve this goal by the end of February if I:

  • List each homework in google calendar.
  • Finish some work at clc room during lunch
  • Check the schedule for 2 or 3 days after, and remind myself for homework.


Finally, my last goal is Pack the things we need at the 2, or 3 periods during break. Right now,  I go back to my locker each period, and then be late for class. However, if I achieve this goal, I will not be late for class.

I think I will achieve this goal until the end of February if I:

  • Go to the locker each break.
  • Bring everything from home, and take out the things I don’t need (for before school).



For art, I like my reflection which I wrote. It was about my self portrait. I like this because I enjoyed reflecting how I did on the first drawing and the last drawing. I couldn’t draw my portrait really well, but I enjoyed it. Next time, I will improve my DRAWING!!!

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by A.Currell


I like my reflection, and my favorite video which is written in the post I posted before. I like this because I really like writing reflections, and the video I chose is the best small performance I made with this group. I’m not that good at drama, but after this, I am a little confident compared to before. Drama is the subject I’m not good at, but I enjoy it now.
cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by MarkBTomlinson


I enjoyed working on the National Geographic Magazine. I liked this because you were allowed to make your own magazine. You needed to include your own civilization in the magazine, and you could chose what kind of civilization you wanted it to be, and everything about the civilization.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Thrillseekr


We didn’t really have projects, in music, so I don’t have that many works to chose from. Even though, I like my koto piece which I played toryanse. I like this because I think I played very well, and I like playing the koto. I didn’t play the koto in 5th grade, but we sang the song toryanse.

cc licensed ( BY NC ND )  flickr photo shared by decoder420


I think technology is one of my favorite classes. My favorite work  in technology, is the design for my blog. We needed to design, three blog desgins for our own blog. We can use any colors. We didn’t have any topics so it was very FUN! This is my most favorite design I did:

cc licensed ( BY NC SA )  flickr photo shared by YIS Middle School


My most favorite work I did in English is my Roald Dahl essay! I read the book called “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”. All the 6th graders read a Roald Dahl book and wrote an essay. I like this work because, I think this was my best work in English, and I felt that I became better at my English when writing this essay!

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My most favorite work in spanish was the comic I created. It was about a conversation with 2 people.

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Doug


I really enjoyed writing about Arakawa Shizuka who is an ice skater. I didn’t know a lot about her, but she is one of my favorite ice skater. This is the Denki.

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My most favorite work in science is the comic which I made about change of states. I like this because I really enjoyed drawing the pictures and thinking about the stories.

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by THEMACGIRL*



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