8th Grade

The four ATL skills I think I have demonstrated are:

  • Research Skills
  • Thinking Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-management Skills

Research Skills

In design class, our first unit was about ads. I researched many ads when we were working on Criteria A and B. The PDF for this unit is here. I think I did a good job of researching because I was able to find all the information needed. I also demonstrated this skill in art too. In art, we had to research about ceramic pieces and ceramic artists. Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital copy of my work… However, I found interesting information when I researched so I am pretty happy about it. Finally, I also demonstrated this skill in Individuals and Societies. The work I am most proud of using the research skill was writing a paragraph about the Yokohama history. This is the paragraph I wrote.

Thinking Skills

In English class, our assessment was to write a story about one problem from two perspectives. I used my thinking skills to imagine both perspectives and what each character would act like and think about. This is the story I wrote. When writing this story, I had to think about the actions the characters would take and the tone of their voice when the problem is occurring. It was quite hard to think about the mom’s perspective because I’m a child. In math class, I used my thinking skills to solve problems. One of the tasks in math class was to design our own casino game. In this assessment, I used my thinking skills to come up with ideas of an interesting games and make it possible for people to win, but hard to win. I also used my thinking skills in tutor. We had to make a small presentation talking about a specific topic, and the topic for my group was “Legal System”. In this presentation, we talked about what we think about legal system and what we think the best system is.

Communication Skills

In Japanese class, we had to make a speech about war or conflict. I talked about “Why we have to learn about war in school”. This piece of work demonstrates communication because I had to talk in front of my class. By making this speech, I learned more about the importance of learning about war. I also used my communication skills in Spanish class. In spanish, we had some few presentation and oral tasks this year. One of the assessments were to talk about going to a trip to a Spanish speaking country.


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