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Make your mark (line drawing) Reflection

Our unit in art right now is about ‘line drawing’. My line drawing is based on a light house.  Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.29.13 AM This is the picture I used and the light house in this picture is located in Ishigakijima, Japan and the name of the light house is called the “Hirakubozaki-todai”. This is the final drawing.   (By Emily (me) 2014) We only could use black pen (permanent) for the drawing. By using that pen, we needed to show tone, value, shadows etc… We couldn’t use any other tools except for rulers for the outline and drawing the grids to guide where the things in the picture is. Also, we were allowed to use pencils to draw the outlines before we used our pens to draw over the pencil lines. Our drawing needed to have the ratio of 50:50 for black space and white space. Each person chose different kinds of images from the internet.

Before we started our drawings, we looked at Van Gogh, Durer and some other artists’ line drawings to get some ideas. Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.46.00 AM This is one of the drawings we looked at and this one is by Van Gogh. The name of this artwork is ‘Vincent’s House in Arles’ (1888). We also learned different kinds of line techniques. We practiced our line techniques in our notebooks. When we finished practicing , we tried drawing a section of a picture using tracing paper. After we finished researching and learned about the techniques, we started planning for our own drawing. We searched on the internet for some pictures that we want to get some ideas from.

In my drawing, I used stippling, hatching, cross hatching, contour hatching, scumbling and random hatching. Stippling is dots; hatching is straight lines; cross hatching is when two lines cross each other. For example, one line is going horizontally and the other one is going vertically and it crosses over each other. Contour hathing is hatching following contours of objects; scumbling is random lines; random hatching is short straight lines in different places randomly. I used stippling for the sea because stippling is quite easy to show value and if I use a different technique for the sea, it is quite hard to show value. I used hatching, contour hatching and random hatching for the grasses because there are different kinds of grasses and to show the different types, I needed to use different kinds of hatching.

Finally, I chose the picture of the light-house by thinking about showing tone, value and also thinking about where to use black space so I can reach the ratio as possible I can. Deciding which skill fits the best for each section was quite hard. This task was quite difficult and I spent lots of time on it however, it was really fun! My mom and my sister gave me some advice on how to make it better. I really like my clouds since I think lines going on the outside of each other continuously is very interesting and it gives some optical illusion too.

Visual Art: Reflection on Park Illustration

The drawing

First, we went to the minato no mieru oka park to choose a place to draw. Then, we drew the outlines witha sharpie of the place we chose to draw. After we finished, we colored in our drawings. Before that, we learned 10 skills of water color paints. For example, salt which is a skill that you put the salt in wet paint and you dry it at the same time. We used color pencils too.

Before the last period, we checked each other’s work to give feedback. Ro, who checked mine gave me some feedback to tell me what I should do to make the painting better. One of that was to add more colors and strategies. When I got his feedback, I used different types of green for the tree and different types of yellow/brown/orange for the ground.

If I had more time, I think I was able to finish my painting. However, I think I could have made my painting more better if I had more shadows in it. Also, if I made the outlines more simple, I think it didn’t make the painting confusing so I could have painted more easily and spend more time on it. Even though, my painting had lots of lines, I think that was one of my good points too because it showed detail.

ART Reflection

The process of the visual journal was to reflect each day and draw/ write what we did in our visual journals. We had different kinds of equipments. For example, colour pencils and water paint. We had time to work on our journals each time.

The skills/ techniques I learned in class which I used in my journal was the realistic drawing. Also, I used lines in my drawings. Realistic drawing is a skill to draw your drawing 3D and looks how it really looks.

In a different assignment, I would like to try using the skill of contour drawing because it is easy to use and also it is quite cool when you don’t have the details in the inside of the shadows of the people etc… However, you are able to tell what you drew and what that thing is because you can tell what the shadow looks like.

It was challenging because the amount of time you were able to spend on your visual journals was limited and also, you can’t really plan because you need to start drawing and writing. Also, I didn’t really use the pencil in my drawings and the writings so I couldn’t erase what I did on the paper.

If I am going to do the exact same assessment, I will try to cover the white space more and make it more like a collage. I will have more details in my writing too!

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