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Summer Break ~夏休み~

My summer break started at June 20th(I think) and it will end at August 26th! We have more than 2 months!!! Yay~☆

So, I went to Phoenix, Arizona from June 25th to July 22nd. The reason I went there is to see my cousins and go to a YMCA camp which is called Camp SKY-Y! My cousins names are Sara and Lei. They are fully Japanese but they went to Arizona because of their fathers job. They lived in Taiwan before moving to Arizona. I went to different places there. The places I enjoyed the most are the pool(Sunsplash) and amusement park (Castles ~n~ Coasters). For the pool, we went on the water slides. It was awesome~♪ At the amusement park, I road the free fall my first time in my life!!! It was scary but sooo fun!!!
Also, we went to see a game of Arizona Diamond Backs which is a baseball team! I became a fan of D-Backs since I watched the game. I like Ross the most!
After I came back, I had some play dates with Sayaka~!
We’re planning to go to Hakkeijima sea paradise at August 16th with Ayaka, Sayaka, Emily.R, and my sis Emma.

クロユリ団地 Kuroyuri Danchi

On May 18th, I, my sister Emma, Emily Rose, and Sayaka went to see a horror movie, ‘Kuroyuri Danchi’. It is about a girl called Asuka which Atsuko Maeda plays moves to a place called Kuroyuri Danchi. Then there was a man dead in the room next to the room which moved in. She meets a boy called Minoru at a park near the Danchi. Then, creepy things happen to Asuka. Then she meets a man called Sasahara (Narimiya Hiroki) which came to clean up the room which the man died. Then, Sasahara & Asuka tries to solve the mysteries together. This movie was the best horror movie I ever seen! Also, this movie is inside my Top 5 movies. I will recommend this movie~~~ 🙂 The main reason I wanted to watch this was that because my favorie actress (Atsuko Maeda) was playing Asuka, and I like horror movies~!


私がクロユリ団地を見たかった理由は主に二つ。一つ目は私の大好きなあっちゃんこと前田敦子さんが主演をつとめるからです!なりあつがW主演です!二つ目は私はホラーはとくいではありませんが好きだからです!クロユリ団地はホラー映画ですが、感動もできますよ☆ホラー映画では私的に今までで一番です!私の個人の映画ランキングでも、Top 5 にはいってます♪皆さんもぜひみてください~


Singing in the Rain

This doesn’t relate to the post I posted right before… Well, it is about Singing in the Rain though…

April 21st was my birthday!!! On that day, there was an event of the actress/artist who I liked at Roppongi. A company called Switch held the event. After the talk show of her, I saw the movie Singing in the Rain at a movie theater in Roppongi Hills, Toho Cinemas.

My most favorite character in the movie was Lina Lamont, which Jean Hagen played. I liked her because she was very funny! Especially, her voice XD 🙂


This is the scene I liked a lot. lolol 🙂

This is the song called “Good morning”. I like this song the best in the movie!!!

There were about 2-3 scenes where the song “Singing in the Rain” was sung. I liked this scene the best!!!


I will recomend this movie to all of the readers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy, young or old!!! So please watch 🙂

4/21は私の誕生日でした。その日に、六本木ヒルズでわたしのすきな芸能人のイベントがありました。 Switchという会社が主催するイベントでした。トークショーが終わった後、私は雨に唄えばという映画をみました。今まで見た映画で私の中のトップ3に ランクインしました!それぐらい、最高の映画です!なので、皆さんも是非みてください!上にある動画の説明は順番に





SUGAR RUSH シュガーラッシュ

Today, I watched a movie called Sugar Rush with my dad and my sister. It is a wonderful movie, and I cried at the last bit. I will only tell you the main information. There is a character called Ralf, and he is a bad guy in the game called Fix it Felix. Sorry if the name of the game is wrong. Then, he doesn’t like being the bad guy so he goes to a different game an meets a girl called Venelope. Again, sorry if the spelling is wrong. Please see the movie! 🙂


Music I like listening now! March 2013

Rita Ora- How we do! I heard this song on a radio, and I like Rita Ora’s music! Especially How we do.

Taylor Swift- 22! I love Taylor Swift 🙂 This song is the song that will be the main song in the next single.
Yuusuke- Lemon(Short Version);遊助ー檸檬. This is a Japanese song but I really like it!


Disney Land

Yesterday I went to disney land with my friend, her mom, my sister, and my mom. At about 12:30, we left our house and we went to the hotel, since we were sleeping over for 1 night. However, we left at 10:35 in the morning today. We went to a hotel called Hotel ookura bay. It is an official hotel for disney resort.

When we went to our hotel, we ate lunch. After, me, my sister, and my friend went to disney land, and our parents stayed at the hotel. We rode on the monorail!!!

At disney land, we rode on Pirates of the carribean, Tea cup(2times), Space mountain, Car Race, Winnie the pooh, and Buzz lightyear. We ate dinner in disney land! For dessert, there were many cute cakes.  The top left cake which is the honey cake was very good! After dinner, we went to the shops, and bought stuff! It was 10:20! WOW! At the entrance, we took a photo:)

My friend Saki, my sis Emma, me

We went on the monorail back to our hotel! Our room was on the 6th floor. The parents slept in one room, and the kids slept in the other room. When we came to our rooms, we took a picture with our minnie t-shirts!  I think the minnie t-shirt doesn’t show… Well, after that we took a shower and the order was Saki, me, then Emma. When Saki, and I took a shower, we ordered food and ate sandwich, and ochazuke. After that, Emma took a shower, but then Saki slept. So me, and Emma were the only one awake, so we watched TV then slept. The time was around 1:00 am in the morning!

Me, and Emma woke at 8:00 the next day, but Saki was still asleep. Emma and I prepared for breakfast. Saki was still asleep… I didn’t know how I should wake her up, so I went to my mom’s room, and called Saki’s mom to wake her up… Then, she woke up:) She prepared and then we went downstairs to eat breakfast!!! It was pretty good!

It was very fun so I hope we can play again!!! :) :)


Fiesta Fairytail



7つの海を越えて 集い騒ごう 常夏の島を目指して
肌の色 言語も関係ないじゃん
夕焼け空が 熱を帯びてゆく
さあ みんなで踊りだそう

共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして


昨日を悔やんだって 後の祭り

「そこに山があるから。」 そういってた登山家
ほら雨さえも エネルギーに変えて
笑顔咲かせ 踊り明かそう

共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして


共に打ち上げよう花火 気持ち一つにして




Yesterday, I, my sister, and my friend Ayaka went to Shingawa!!! I don’t know what the place was called though… First, I went to Ayaka’s house and played wii sports, chatted, and played with Ayaka’s dog Jerry! Jerry is a white Shiba. We stayed there for about 30 minutes. Then we went on the train, and went to Shingawa. When we were there, we ate lunch first! I ate pasta and drank green tea shake:) It was very good. Then, we went bowling! Ayaka’s mom was very good and her score was over 120! OMG… My sister was second, Ayaka was third. As you may realized, I was the very last:( I only got 30 points. After bowling, we went on three different kinds of rides at an aquarium. The 3 rides were “Jet coaster 999”  which is an jet coaster that has a loop that turns 180 degrees, and moves in a very fast speed; “Virtual rider theater ” Which is an attraction that you can see a small movie in 4d and the seats moves in different ways; “Port of Pirates ” which is a attraction called viking”. After we rode on the three rides, we ate ice cream! I ate ram raisin, and one spoon of purple potato! It was very good! That was the end of the play date. It was very fun ♪

昨日は私、姉、友達のあやかと品川にいきました。まず最初に、あやかの家に行って、wii sportsを遊び、少し話して、あやかの犬ジェリーと遊びました。ジェリーは白い柴犬です。あやかの家に30分ぐらい居たら、電車に乗って、品川にいきました。ついたら、まず最初に、昼ご飯を食べました。私はパスタをたべ、抹茶シェイクをのみました。すごいおいしかった:)そしたら、ボーリングにいきました。あやかのお母さんはすごくうまく、最終スコアが120越えでした!あやかのお母さんに続き、姉、あやか、で私。。。私はたったの30点で最下位!ボーリングの後は、品川の水族館で3種類のアトラクションに乗りました。ジェットコースターの999は180度回転するジェットコースターです。バーチャルライドシアターは、3dのミニ映画に、席がいろんな方向に動く4dタイプの映画館です。最後にポート・オブ・パイレーツはバイキングです。そのあとはアイスクリームをみんなで食べました。私はラムレーズンを食べました。あと、ONE スプーンサービスで紫芋を食べました。すごくおいしかったです!この日はすごく楽しかった!今度は、あやかと他の友達とでディズニーいきたいな〜〜〜☆♪

Die Hard/ Last Day

Today, me, my sister, and my grandma watched “Die Hard/ Last Day”. It is a super good movie. It is an action movie, but very thrilling.

It is about John McClane(Bruce Willis), and his son John “Jack” McClane, Jr (Jai Courtney). John was in prison with Yuri Komarov (Sebastian Koch). Everyone thought Yuri had a special file. Then, the opponents fought with Johm, Jack, and Yuri. When Jack, tried to send Yuri to another country, since everyone in Russia (which they were) was looking for Yuri. However, Yuri said, that he will go if his daughter is with him. So, he called her daughter at a place. Then guess what will happen…


スキーブレーク Ski Break

From 2/14~2/19, our school have a ski break. We can go skiing, or stay home or what ever. It’s just a break, but is very special to me because I don’t have to go to school!!! I think I’m going to go watch a movie, and go to my friend’s house.


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