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Sarukani Gassen/ April 29th 2014

In Japan, there is a famous story called さるかに合戦(Sarukani Gassen) which means Monkey and Crab’s battle.

Here is the link to the story (It is in Japanese.)


One day Monkey got a seed of a persimmon and crab got an onigiri. The monkey wanted the onigiri so he told the crab to trade it with his seed and the crab said “OK”. The crab planted the seed and when a crab says something, the persimmon tree will do what he said. Once the tree riped persimmons, the crab couldn’t climb the tree so he asked the monkey. The monkey said “Of course” and he climbed the tree. The fruit seemed so delicious so the monkey ate one. Then he took another one then another. The crab wanted one too so he asked the monkey then the monkey dropped the ones that wasn’t riped yet. Then the crab got really injured. When he got back home, he was growling with pain. Then, a mortar, a chestnut, and a bee came to tell him to get well. The crab told them what the monkey did to him. Of course they all got mad and they planned to punish the monkey. When the crab got well, he went to the monkey’s place and told him “I made a feast so who you come like to eat?” The monkey forgot about teasing the crab and went to his house. When the monkey sat around the hearth, a chestnut who was hiding insdie of the fire came out and exploded and it hit the monkey’s face. When the monkey ran to the tub that had water in it, a bee came and stung it’s but. He gave up and went outside. When he went out side, the mortar jumped of from the roof and landed on the monkey. After that, he cried and apologized to the crab and promised that he won’t tease him anymore. Now, they are living together happily ever after. However, the monkey’s face and his but is still red. (Do you get the last sentence)

The message of this story is that if you tease someone or do something bad, it will come back to you.

This story is good because it is interesting about how the monkey gets punished and the last sentence is very interesting since monkeys’ faces and buts are red.

DIY program

7A Drama DIY Programs7 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Our target audiences were mainly kids. We used simple english so small kids can also understand. Our organisation was quite bad because one of the person didn’t really speak that much. We could have spoke more louder and show each step by showing the origami to the camera each time. Our voices weren’t loud enough so I think it is quite hard to understand. Also, our voice isn’t that clear. We didn’t really have trivias during the process and there were lots of places that were silent. We could have said trivias in those times.

My best skill was folding the origami and organising my team.

I should improve on speaking more clearly and loudly.

7A Drama DIY Programs6 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another group which was captivating was Deven and Henri’s group because they said important points of how to make music and also the steps are common in most of the instruments.

Speech – best holiday

7A Drama: Informative Speech05 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I do not know what my best skill is however, I think my best skill was that I had some volume because I get nervous most of the times, but even though I’m nervous I think I have good volume each time. I think it would have been better if I had more volume though. I should improve on looking at the audience more and have more emotion into my speech because when I look at my palm cards most of the time, I can’t look at the audience’s face to see if they are enjoying my speech or not. Also, if I don’t have emotion in my words, it will be boring and if I have more emotion I can express how I feel more.

My speech didn’t meet the time that was 2 minutes to 3 minutes. If I had more details in my speech I think it would meet the time and also make it more understanding to the audiences. I didn’t have any hand gestures so I think maybe next time I can use gestures too.


Another speech which was captivating was Grace’s:

7A Drama: Informative Speech16 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think her best skill was her volume and the way she caught the audience’s attention which is the hook. I think her skill is volume because she makes her voice stronger for the place she wants to tell the audience more. Also her hook shows both sides of opinions.

I think she can improve talking more smoothly because she sometimes stopped. If she had more practice time, I think it would have been a wonderful speech.



Doctor Mime

7A Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think our mime was good, but however, I couldn’t stop laughing at the end part. Especially it looked weird when we tell the mom that the kid died because I shouldn’t laugh at that time because it is a very serious scene. Next time I want to be better at not laughing in serious scenes. I think our group was good at using space because when I saw the video, we were using the whole space. Also, when I came in, I came from the left side and we used the middle and especially compared to the last one, we used both front and back. Not only going to sides which is right, middle and left. I interacted with the nurse like she was quite in a low place which means that I am more in a higher rank than the nurse. For the mom and the child I acted politely and a bit sad at the end. As I mentioned before I think I can show my emotion and show my interaction if I did’t laugh. Our mime is believable because there are some times that someone’s heart stops but it starts moving again. However, I think it is also not believable because the doctors didn’t do anything at all but the child’s heart started to move again and also, maybe the doctor was wrong because maybe the child didn’t die. However, in real life doctors can’t say that someone is dead because first they check if they’re really dead and they have a machine to show if their alive or not when they think someone is in danger or gonna die.

Silent Movie Analysis

The girl:

Action/Gestures- She moved her legs in circles, Put the letter on her chest, Looked up, Kissed the letter

Facial Expressions- Happy, Scary, Shy

Postures- Straight, Sometimes her posture faced a bit to the ground, put her hands on her hips and on the wall

The father:

Action/Gestures: Snatched the girl’s (his daughter) letter, read it, told his daughter to go in the house.

Facial Expressions- Angry, Surprised, Unexceptable

Postures- put his hands on her hips and near the door, leaned a bit back,

Background Story- The boy and the girl live across but there is a wall between their houses. They are writing a letter to each other and passing it through the hole. However, the parents don’t want to have them together.

I can use the facial expression confused, serious and sad in my mime because I will be confused if I don’t know what to do, and serious/sad when I’m telling something not is a good news. The gestures I can use is maybe hand gestures when I’m describing the child’s sickness.