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Persuasive Speech Reflection

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In my speech I tried to persuade people to think having uniforms are good and we should have uniforms at YIS. I think people were able to hear my voice and wasn’t too quiet nor too loud. However, my pace became faster towards the end and also I think I didn’t pronounce some words clearly. From this, maybe some people weren’t able to understand some parts of my speech. Also, since my pace was too fast, I couldn’t pause between sentences. However, I tried to emphasize the main points in the speech by projecting my voice stronger than the other sentences. Next time I want to be able to pronounce words more clearly and keep the pace steady.

My posture could be more improved by standing more straight and staying at the spot. I didn’t really use hand gestures much so maybe this is my challenge. Looking at the palm cards a lot was another problem for me and the main reason looking at the palm cards a lot was that I wasn’t confident about my speech much. To be able to look at the audience more, I think I have to practice my speech more. As I look at my speech I noticed that my facial expression was a bit scary cause I didn’t really smile. I want to be careful for my facial expression too.

Finally, the structure of my content wasn’t detailed enough to make the audience feel that having uniforms are good. This is because I mainly stated the main advantages of having uniforms and didn’t describe the advantages. I just paraphrased the advantages. To make my speech more interesting and persuading, I could include more facts that are interesting and also relevant to what teenagers feel every day. The main problem was that I didn’t focus on stating why having uniforms are important and I focused on the effects we will have by having uniforms.

Overall, my best skill was my voice projection because comparing different skills needed in a speech, I think my voice projection was the skill I am most proud of from my speech. I should improve on the construction of the speech and the pace. This is because I think that good speech have intereting content in the speech and the pace is steady.

A speech that was most appealing to me was Zen’s.

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

His speech contained questions for the audience, and this makes the audience think about his speech and feel involved. Also, he wrote his speech thinking about the audience which were teengagers. He also included interesting facts like the distance between a person and the closest McDonalds. The information he included was also educational and made me learn something new. By listening to his speech it gave me an idea of how to structure an interesting speech.


Stereotype is when you group people together and make judgements without knowing them. Examples of stereotypes are:

  • Babys are cute
  • Boys like playing sports
  • Polices are brave

Stereotype is useful when you want to extend the way you play the role. However, it can make people feel bad if the role you play is what they are but how you play it isn’t true for them. For example, if you play the role teacher, and in the audience there is a person whose job is a teacher. You might act the role by being scary and scolding your students but the way the teacher in the audience teaches students in the opposite way which is being nice to students. By acting it in a wrong way you can give a bad impression for occupation, gender, races etc… to the world.

Why can’t you judge a book by it’s cover?

This is a quite famous phrase. This means that you can’t judge anything without knowing the inside. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover because maybe the drawing on the cover looks boring but maybe the story might be interesting. It might be the opposite too. You also can say that you can’t judge people by how they look. Maybe someone might be pretty but doesn’t have a good personality. In the opposite way, someone might be bad looking but they might be nice and can have a good personality.

For example, maybe there might be a police that isn’t brave. There might be a math teacher that can’t solve hard questions.