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Drama- Gene Kelly


He didn’t use the umbrella as we use always, but he used it for showing how he feels. He looked very happy, and enjoyful in the rain. I think rhythms were used in the tap dance the most. His expression was very enthusiastic, and it made the song very interesting and fun! He used the space very widely!!!

Reflection in Drama

In drama, we had a improv game tournament. We played  Space Jump, Die! Story! Die, Statues, and Expert Double Figures in a group. My group-members were me, Eileen, Hana, and Ayaka. I think I did the best in the real one.

I think I did really good on Space Jump. I think we did good on Space Jump because we did really smoothly and we had different types of stories each scene, but I thought I needed to speak more loudly. Also, we should have changed our position by not standing the whole way. We could have sit, or lie down etc.. to change our position. Also, we shouldn’t cover each other up. I didn’t really offer ideas because I was the first person, but I accepted ideas from my other group members, or the audience even though I thought that was a boring idea or not. We could use these skills when we need to make our original studies or when we are sad, we can change our feelings to different kind of feelings. I think I earned a 7 on this because I think this tournament was my best when doing Space Jump because I always stood there and couldn’t think of any story. Eventhough, I made one, it was very very boring.


6C Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Improvised Storytelling

Skills- What skills in story telling did I learn?

I learned to listen to the story and think of the next part to make a good storytelling to cooperate with other members. I learned the skills: listening, watching, imagining and being creative.


Approach- How did I use skills in Physical Cooperative Storytelling?

For the cooperative storytelling, I used the skill “listening” to the person before and imagined the story to think of the next part of the story. For the physical storytelling, I used the skill “watching” and “imagining”, so I saw my partner’s action and talked about the story.


Connections- How could I use these skills in performance?

You can think about the story and create the story in your own way with “thinking” and “imagining”. Also you can watch the other members acting and talking by using the skill “watching” and look carefully how the other members are telling the story and acting.