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Our unit question in English class right now is:


In this unit, we made an article about apartheid, read a book about apartheid, and saw a movie about apartheid. Maybe some of you noticed but in this unit, we learned about apartheid to see the relationship between texts and the read world. Which means that we read texts about apartheid and also saw a movie called “Invictus” which is about Nelson Mandela, and the story of the movie is something that occured in the real world.

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, we learned a lot about apartheid. When we were making an article about apartheid, I focused on the soweto uprising. Apartheid means blacks and whites getting seperated. Soweto uprising was a protest of black children protesting that the government are teaching them only what the whites want to learn. It occured at the soweto area. Some students died since the police had guns but the students didn’t and the police shot them. Also the police shot tear gasses too. After the protest some were arrested. In the book “Journey to Jo’burg”, there was a chapter that contained some information about the soweto uprising. I don’t know if the characters in the book existed, however, most of the information was non-fiction which means it is true. This means that some books has the same information as what occured in real life.

“Invictus”  was a movie about how Nelson Mandela changed the history of South Africa. It showed about a rugby team in South Africa too. By watching this movie, I learned how Nelson Mandela was an important person and how he changed the country and the whole world. Before Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, blacks and whites were discriminated so everyone didn’t think that Mandela was going to act nice to the whites and forgive them for what they did to the blacks. I thought that he was the perfect person for changing the world and stop the discrimination.

At the end of the unit, I think I got the answer for our unit question too. In fiction books, you can make up or change the story. However, in real life, you can’t change what happened. Eventhough, we can’t change the past we can do somethings to change the future in both texts and the real world. When it’s a non fiction book, all the story will be a fact so it is something we know so you can’t change it but the people who reads the book might had/have a perspective of the story different from the author so it might be a fiction book to the person who has a different perspective.

As we finished our unit, I learned different kinds of stuff. Especially about apartheid and about the relationship between texts and the real world. Now I want to know the relationship between texts and films or films and the real world since I saw a movie “Invictus” which is about apartheid and aprtheid is something that occured in real life and it also can be written as a text.

Relationship between Journey to Jo’burg and during Apartheid

Our unit question was “What is the realtionship between texts and the real world?” In Grade 7 English we have just read Journey to Jo’burg, by Beverly Naidoo. Beofre reading the novel I researched and wrote a magazine article on Soweto Uprising. We are exploring the realtionships between texts and the real world and we found many connections between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid. This is my magazine.


During Apartheid, blacks and whites were discriminated. Blacks and whites weren’t allowed to use the same bathrooms, plates, doors etc… Also, when blacks were trying to change the world, most of them wnet to prison since whites had more rights.

In this book, some main points of apartheid was written with made-up characters. For example, blacks weren’t allowed to go on the same busses as the whites. They couldn’t go on the same busses as the whites even though their bus was full. The soweto uprising was also included in the text. It didn’t say ‘Soweto Uprising’ however, it said ‘black students were marching to protest that their schools taught them only what the white government wanted them to know.’download

Finally, this book is about a brother and his siter having a journey to where their mom works/lives to tell that their baby sister is sick. I don’t know if this was a real story but how the author writes about the journey really sounds like apartheid since the author grew under it. The way she expresses the differences between the attitudes of blacks and whites are written as a fact. Which means this book is a fiction book based on a non-fiction story.

Reading Journal 131122

My book has a connection to the real world by having a play in the story. Also, one of the character’s name is William Shakespeare which is a name of an English poet,  playwrite and an actor. The ‘real’ Shakespeare was baptised on Baptised 26 April 1564 and died on 23 April 1616. He was 52 years old. However, we don’t know Shakespeare’s real birthday. He is famous becasue he influenced the world of literature through his inspiring writing,so he is known as the greatest writer of all time

Book review 130908

I am reading a book called Stratford Bops, by Jan Mark.

REVIEW: Reactions

I read until page 10.

Adrian had the idea to put on something, and that something became a play. Also, he talked about the playbook, which Adrian’s father had. Adrian, Will, Anthony, Philip all learned acting in school, so I think, Adrian think that they didn’t have really a big problem on acting. Also, I guess the council wanted a play to put on for Whitsun. I thought Adrian was kind of like a person that has leadership. Maybe Will also has leadership, but I guess he wouldn’t be the leader if Adrian was with him. Anthony and Philip are the ones that follows Adrian and Will.