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Comparing books and films: The Outsiders

In English class, we watched the movies “Outsiders” after reading the book. There were both similar and different parts when comparing the movie and the book. I personally think that the movie isn’t much faithful to the original story. When I compare the book and the movie, I like the book more, but in some scenes, the movie is better.


The main two reasons I like the book more is:

  • Easier to tell the thoughts of characters
  • More information and scenes

The book is written in Ponyboy’s perspective, but the movie is made from a perspective of someone who didn’t see/experience the story. Also, in books, we can write the thoughts, but in movies, people have to tell what the character is thinking.

When I saw the movie, I couldn’t really tell the characters at first becuase there wasn’t an introduction. Also, some scenes were missing and the transitions between scenes were quick. However, in the book, the narrator, Ponyboy explains how the character looks like and their personalities. One of the main themes in the book, the relationships in families, weren’t emphasized much in the movie. Ponyboy and Darry didn’t really have a good relationship at the start of the story and this was easy to tell in the book because Ponyboy actually tells it. He also explains how Sodapop acts when Ponyboy and Darry are in an awkard situation. In the movie, there aren’t that many scenes that shows the serious relationship between Ponyboy and Darry, and mostly shows the relationship of them when they actually open up to each other. Sodapop wasn’t emphasized in the movie much. Some of the important scenes in the book wasn’t showed in the movie too. For example, when Randy was talking about Bob’s life and how he had trouble with his parents, and the scene when Johnny was beaten up from the Socs.

The reasons I like the movie in some ways are:

  • Background music/sound can help understand the mood
  • Easy to visualize
  • Visual techniques are used to show themes
  • Dialogue is more effective

The background music was used when something bad was about to happen. The music sounded quite tense. Also, when we read books, we have to imagine the scene but in movies, the actors actually act out the scene so we can see what’s happening. In movies, there are many techniques used with the camera, shot, lightning, and sound. These techniques help us understand characters or the scene more. For example, by using the high level shot, we can tell that the character is in a low status or scared. Finally, the dialogue is more effective in movies because the actor actually has feeling when speaking the dialogue.

Responding to When We Were Two by Robert Newton


Silent Darkness:

“Go home” I yell

Lowers himself on the billycart

“I’m not taking you”

I scream with rage

Convincing him to budge

“Suit yourself” I give up

He shuffles closer

Breaks into a smile

and squeezes my hand silently

I am reading a book called “When we were Two” which is written by Robert Newton. I started reading this book few days ago, so I don’t really know what is the main story, however, this book seems to be a moving book. I think this because in the first page, there is a dialogue that says “I’m sorry Eddie, It’s the only way”. I used ‘”Go home'” I yell’ for the first verse because this sentence starts the scene where the main character Dan and his brother Eddie meets after Dan leaves their house. This sentence makes a scary tone and a surprising mood. I ended this poem with a happy ending. In the book, Eddie squeezes Dan’s hands because of frightness in the dark which can be read in page 7, but I also felt that Eddie squeezed Dan’s hand becuase of relief too. I felt this because people don’t smile when they aren’t comfortable and scared. This last verse gives a happy tone and a sweet mood. I think found poems are one of the ways to show the understanding of a book in an interesting way, and by writing a found poem, we can inflate our imagination and train our talents for writing poems. By reading my poem, I think my poem tells the reader a little bit about my book and makes them want to read the book “When we were two”.



‘Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change’

In this unit, we learned about ads and poems, and how pathos techniques help the texts become persuasive. In this unit, we had two summative assessments. The first one is a screencast which compares a poem and an ad. The screencast I made is here. The second one was to write a poem or to make an ad based on an issue that is a big problem in the world. I chose to write a poem about overfishing. This is the poem I wrote.

Our unit question was “What ‘moves’ me?” In this unit, I think I became better at using the persuasive techniques like simile, metaphor, alliteration, and rhyming. Also, I learned that making persuasive poems and ads are really hard. By doing the assessments, I learned that in some ways, poems can be more persuasive than ads and in the opposite ways in other times.

After the second assessment, which was to create our own persuasive text, I looked at my peers work. The text I really enjoyed looking at was Moe’s.

The issue she was addressing was about Deforestation. This is an important issue because when forests are cleared in the future, animals will lose their habitat and it can affect our lives because paper, wood, etc… are produced from forests.

The tone is serious, and the mood is fear. The techniques used in this poem are onomatopoeia, simile, alliteration, and rhyming. Onomatopoeia and simile helps us visualize the scene. For example, “Shatter shatter. The smoke rises” is a phrase from the poem. “Shatter shatter” is telling how the smoke is rising. Alliteration and Rhyming are techniques that emphasizes the verse/phrase. “Within minutes, the loving mother crumbled, as lifeless bodies piled” is also a phrase from the poem. The words ‘crumbled’ and ‘piled’ are rhyming and when we read it, the two words stand out more than the other words. Then, the other words in the same phrase will also come into our minds and it will be more easier to remember and understand.

These techniques will help tell the message in a more persuasive way because there are effects in each techniques that makes us think the issue is a very important issue occurring in the world. Which means that by using the techniques, the texts can be more effective and persuasive.

Responding to “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio

I read the book “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio. This book is the first book I read this year.

School, Vernon Barford. "Wonder." Flickr. Yahoo!, 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

School, Vernon Barford. “Wonder.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

The protagonist, August looks different to other people. He begins to go to a normal school. This book gives many important messages on different topics such as friendship, family, and sickness.

The central theme for this book is to act friendly with anyone including people with handicapped people.

The symbols in this book are Jack, Summer, Julian, and Olivia. Jack and Summer both symbolizes friendship. Julian symbolizes enmity. Olivia symbolizes love.

This book can be impressed. There were different kinds of events that can be divided into various themes. For example, bullying, friendship, and love. I think that people who read this book will see people, and things from different perspectives. This book doesn’t tell the exact face of August, but we can tell that he looks really ill by how he describes himself. It made me think how August felt during the time he was at school, and how we felt being with his friends/people that hate him. I felt really sad by thinking how people with sickness can be seen from normal people in bad ways. The author made me feel this way by having different characters in different relationships with the main character. He also wrote chapters with different perspectives by writing some chapters with the progatonist being the characters other than August.