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Basket ball game at A-ISJ

Today, The c team and a team from YIS MSG basketball played against Aoba International School. It was the 2nd game for the other people but the first game for me, since I couldn’t attend the game last week at Seisen.

First, I didn’t know the rules so I was very nervous if I can play the game corretly. However, when I started playing, I really enjoyed it, and I learned the rules very fast! I think the part I liked the most was defence and offence.  The most hard part was when trying to score, and also when marking a player for the other team. I had about 3-4 chances which I could score, but I missed it everytime… Our final score was 6-14, and we lost.

I hope we will win the next game. Today, Emily.R, and Sussana had an injury so they came, but didn’t play. Emily broke her arm, and she needs 1 month and a half to fix it, so she can’t play a while. I am very sad… Well, I want to play a game with her, so I hope her arm gets better 🙂

Digital Citizenship

The middle school student council in my school’s blog is:


At YIS, we are currently hosting “Digital Citizenship Week”, where we are trying to find out about how “digitally social” we are. The intention of this project is to see how connected we all are, even though we might not be DIRECTLY connected. As you were scrolling through your Twitter feed or your Facebook timeline, you found this link, opened this blog post, and now you are connected to YIS.  We’re trying to make our way to the World Wide Web, which is HUGE, IMMENSE, MASSIVE and make as many global connections as we can. We are trying to accomplish this by having students and teachers share this link on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. or whatever social network they use. Our plan is to have people who are be-friended with the YIS community to enter this link, and read through our project and leave a comment.

So here are a few questions we would like you to answer as a part of our project– which would be very appreciated.

  • How are you connected to YIS?
  • Where are you writing from?
  • How did you find out about this post?

Please comment below on this blog post and share this link using YOUR social networks.
Thank you so much on behalf of the YIS middle school.


Winter break

Winter break—-!

Winter break is the 2nd most interesting break! I can go skiing, watch gaki no tsukai and a very very famous music show in Japan, Kouhaku utagassen. For this years kouhaku, a artist called golden bomber will sing and they are very famous in japan. A song called “Memeshikute” is a song which was in second place for this years karaoke ranking. Also, I can meet my cousins which I love meeting and playing with them. I want to see the tv shows with them because then it will be very fun.

P.S.- I might call my friends in random during break so beee carefull  :)))

Spirit Day

Yesterday was spirit day! Each grade from middle school to high school weared clothes that matches to their topic.

6th grade was rock star so I wore Jeans, shirt, and a jeans jacket. It was very fun because this was my first year to have spirit day. We did yes no quiz, hunger games, sock wrestling, and dodge ball.

4 people from 6th grade joined the game. for hunger games amane and dan which dan won. For sock wrestling, Ayaka and Nao joined and they both won. Finally, all middle schoolers had a dance. My favorite dance was Mario.

From 2:00, we had student entertainment and my most favorite entertainment was the 2 dances and jyounetsu tairiku, and the human beat box. for jyounetsu tairiku, there were 4 different instruments(I think) the elextric guitar, drums, piano, and electric violin. There were 2 people who were doing the human beat box. Also there was a twin doing tap dance. Since, I am a twin that really impressed me:)

Food Fair!!!

On November 4th, YIS had a food fair. There were many games, activities and shops. There were many activities. Me and my friends did the same tattoos. Me and Amane shaded some of  our hairs into orange. Then we went to the free market. I bought a jigsaw puzzle of Mt. Fuji and a case with Stitch on it! At last, we went to the haunted mansion. This year’s haunted mansion wasn’t that scary compared to the past, but when my feet was grabbed from a women, I screamed and laughed because it was funny but scary. 

Me and my friends went to Chuukagai and took a purikura. The one we took is this. We took 6 including this. (6 photos are 1 set).


After purikura, we ate snack at my friend Sho’s restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Pekin- Hanten (Beijing Hanten). It is a Chinese restaurant and we ate shouronpao, tapioka, and anman. It was really good! 🙂