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Open-Minded in the bus, Caring at the stops

I was very sad leaving Hakuba, since I had so much fun there. I sat in the bus by myself and listened to music for a while.

I was open-minded in the bus. I took pictures and saw Mt. Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland. Mt. Fuji was so cool. I felt like going to Fuji-Q Highland watching the jet-coasters because I LOVE JET-COASTERS! I thought where the idea of each jet coaster came by looking at each jet coasters.


I was caring at the stops. At the first stop, I bought omiyage for my cousins. I bought them a apple porch and a cat hand each. At the second stop, I bought takowasa to my mom! When I gave takowasa to my mom, she looked so happy:) Yeah!!!


Risk taker at Day 4

4th day, we went hiking to Mt. Minekata. The road was mushy because of the rain the day before. The dogs that are pet at the Evergreen outdoor center, Sky and Teddy came to the hike with us. At the middle of the mountain, there was a course named Kikori no Michi (Woodcutter’s road).      

  ⇦The dog in the front is Teddy.

I was a risk taker at the Kikori no Michi because I walked on a very thin trail that was a little wet. I was scared but feeling like a risk taker made me feel strong. At the very end of the trail, we saw a dead snake. 


After dinner at the hotel, each room group presented a 2 to 3 minute skit using the word “Sky” or using “Sky” as a theme. With my group(me, Hana, and Amane),  we made a skit about:

Me, Hana, and Amane wanted to touch the sky, so we tried to touch the sky using the highest rock climbing wall in the wall, but logically, it is impossible to touch the sky. At the conclusion, we were sad because we couldn’t touch the sky but we were happy because it was a nice view from the top of the wall and we really enjoyed climbing. 

I was also a risk taker during the skit too! 🙂

Thinker at rock climbing!

On the 3rd day, we broke into 2 groups again and the members were the same. My group did river clean up first. While going to the river, we saw people ski jumping at the place the Nagano olympic’s ski jump was held.

After the river clean up, we went to lunch and while going to lunch, we had a quiz. The quiz was 5 is 4, 8 is 5, 4 is magic; Why is 4 magic??? 

The answer is 4’s magic because 4 is four and it has 4 letters. 5 is five and has 4 letters, 8 is eight and has 8 letters. The numbers are the number of alphabets in the number. After lunch, we went rock climbing.


At rock climbing, I was a thinker because I thought about where is the best place to put my hands and my feet to go up. Sadly, I couldn’t go at the very top because it was slippery by the rain but, I was happy because this was my first time to rock climb very high and I was a bit scary but, won my scariness!




Inquirer at the MTB

On the second day, we broke into 2 groups. The groups were the members from the busses. My group did MTB(Mountain Biking) first and the other group did canoeing first. The MTB was my favorite activity at field studies. 

I was a inquirer while MTB by learning the gears and finding out the best gear when cycling up the mountain, a flat road, and cycling down the mountain. When cycling up the mountain, 1 is the best; when cycling a flat road, 4 is the best; when cycling down the mountain, 6 or 7 is the best. The wind was the best when cycling down

When we were canoeing, we broke into a group of 3. My group members were me, Ayaka, and Hana. We canoed at Lake Aokiko.We were going well at the first, but our boat didn’t go straight at last.         

When we went to the Yamano Hotel, we went to our rooms, unpacked and ate dinner. After dinner, we went on the hot air balloon.



Communicator at the Orienteering Course!

On the first day, we went to Hakuba, Nagano by bus. It took us 5 to 6 hours for Evergreen outdoor center Hakuba which we stayed the first day.


We built our tents with our group members. My group members were Me, Hana, and Amane. After that, we went to the orienteering course.


I was a communicator on the orienteering course by discussing and talking to my group members about the answers for each question and which way we’re going to go that was told on each station from 1 to 10. We used a compass to check which way we are going to go to reach the goal. The direction was told with the degrees on each station. We reached the goal with the average time of 1 hour 30 minutes.  At dinner time, 4 members were chosen and cut vegetables for our pasta.

 ⇦This photo is me and others cooking breakfast the next day.

After dinner, we had campfire and drank hot chocolate, sang some songs, and had some quiz.


What I feel about Field Studies

I think field studies is a very interesting experience. I am very excited because this is my first time going somewhere for 4 nights and 5 days. 

For our field studies, we’re going to Hakuba, Nagano. The first day, we’re going to camp. For the rest, we’re going to sleep in a hotel called Yamano Hotel. We’re going to do activities in Ever green Outdoor Center.

I am excited of the first day (camping), rock climbing, and riding on the hot air balloon. I want to be a risk-taker and caring while this camp. I think I can be a risk-taker by challenging on different things. For example, trying different levels while doing rock climbing. For caring, I can help others when they’re having trouble or when they need help.