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Geo 13-02-23

Yesterday, I borrowed, Fairytail 8-12, and Gintama(DVD) Benizakurahen!

昨日は、Fairy Tail 8巻から12巻と銀魂(DVD)紅桜編を借りたよ〜!

Geo 13-02-16

Today, I borrowed:

  • Liar Game
  • Kochikame, The movie
  • Melida
  • Fairytail 3-7.

I saw Melida in America, but not in Japanese. Also, last time, I borrowed fairy tail and then, I really like it now.

今日は、ライアーゲーム、こち亀、メリダとfairy tail3巻~5巻まで借りてきました。


Geo 13-02-09

Today, I went to geo to borrow dvds and mangas. Today I borrowed, .

If you can’t see, the DVDs are Umizaru Last Message, Rurou ni Kenshin, Mioka 4&5, and the mangas are Fairytail 1 & 2. It is my first time reading Fairytail so I want to read it!!! It is all Japanese.

今日はgeoに行ってきた~!海猿 last message、るろうに剣心、美丘4&5とfairytail 1巻と2巻借りてきたよ~!fairytail初めて読むからどんな内容かドキドキ♪