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Cross Country Strategy

I always use self-talk when running. I think this works because you can concentrate on other stories and other topics so you can forget that you’re tired or other stuff and you can just think about that thing. When I use self-talk, I always think about if I run at the time of this from this, I can eat my favorite thing or do my favorite thing. When  I put more detail, I always think if I run from 15:30 to 16:40, I can buy stuff or eat crepe!!! I will recommend this strategy to next year’s grade 6 because if they have their own topic of talking to themselves and if it is a really positive story, it will make them happy and make them run faster. I think I can use this strategy when you’re in a dentist and when you pull out a tooth and it really hurts, then you can use this strategy to forget the pain. Also you can talk to your self when remembering something by you can make a sentence and then think of a story with that sentence and you will remember it pretty well!